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Sunday Aug. 26, 2012 -- Rain for the holiday weekend? Think positively "No."


(Above) What a look before release.


Sunday, August 26, 2012: Imagine already thinking ahead to next weekend but I’ve been mulling over the latest weather charts and damn if most of them don’t have the wet remains of Isaac arriving here for the holiday weekend.

This would be a good time to try the power of mass positive thinking. I don’t think we can totally think away the massive rainfall in those remnants so maybe we can simply out positive North Carolina -- and cause the sky mess to swing out to sea right around Hatteras – leaving us high, dry and ready to roll onto the Holgate beachfront.


For now, we kinda lucked out yesterday, as a moody, drippy forecast melted into a very nice afternoon, though a tad breezy. Today is also seeing loads of sun but the winds just won’t give up, despite forecast having them diminish to lightness by late-day.


I see more great fluke being caught but I think many of those pics were taken prior to this blow. Still, there is an entire month to go in the fluke-hunting season.

My workload is backing off so I hope to be among the many who are freezing insane amounts of fluke fillets for the winter. I don’t want to sound penny-pinching (I sure as hell ain’t, as my struggling checking account assures) but it’s astounding how much moola is saved by tapping into that cache of stored summer flounder come winter. It’s damn near a sub-freezing Christmas Savings Account.


By the by, folks are also putting away kingfish for future mealization. It stores exceptionally well but needs very careful packing, vaccuming being the way to go.


As most fisheries are doing very well this summer, I’m hearing some gripes from folks who live and breath blue crabs. They’re not getting skunked but it’s nothing like the season we had a few years back when crabbers filled winter freezers with enough cooked crab meat (and unpicked crabs) to last until spring.


I noted sea trout (spec trout) yesterday and instantly got an email asking if there is a bag limit on them and if a spec trout counts as a daily weakfish. No frinkin’ way it can count as a weakfish. It’s a different animal. I’ll even defend you in court. Now, trying to claim you thought those five weakies were actually spotted trout? Now you’ve trying to play the system. You lose – time four.



Sundial next to fluke.


Missing flatfish: I haven't seen hide nor hair of sundials, those oft fully ravenous small flatfish -- so clear you can see through parts of them. Not that many years back they were packed in around our inlets. I’m guessing they’re yet another victim of our over nursing of fluke stocks.



Oh, will that tilefish make for delightful dining. Anything left, you make into the world's best salad – made just the way you make tuna salad, with plenty of celery slices.


STAYED PROPERLY REGISTERED: This might seem like an oddly late time to bring this up but with fall fishing arriving – and with many an angler fishing the late-season almost exclusively -- make sure you sign-up with the state’s free Saltwater Registry. It’s a breeze: http://www.nj.gov/dep/saltwaterregistry/.


Just as importantly, if (like me) you lost track of your registration paperwork, it’s as easy as going on line to http://www.nj.gov/dep/saltwaterregistry/. Once there, on the far right side of the Homepage, click on “Access Current Register.” Do not go to “Renew Any Registration.” That’ll come soon enough for folks already registered for this year.


Click on “Access Current Register.” Answer “US Residency” question then click into the next page: “Name, Birth Date, SSN.” Fill in, click, and up pops your original registration  – ready to print out – again.




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