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Sunday, April 03, 2011:

On the fishing front, I chatted with a fellow who has been heavily working the (Mullica) river -- and doing very decently, with quite a few fish, including keeper-sized stripers, taken at Graveling point. He’s a catch-and-releaser. What makes that fairly astounding is his willingness to dig deep to buy only plenty of only the best bloodworms. Yes, some bloodies are better (sometimes way better) than others, both size-wise but also freshness-wise. Not only is this angler willing to go through a slew of these New England-dug bass attractants, but also he told me he’s found that the only real way to consistently take coldwater stripers is to go gob. He all but overloads his hooks, then jams on another worm or two for good measure. What’s more, he goes as far as quickly swapping out any pale and bled-out worms, replacing them with costly new recruits. Result: He’s having lots of luck. He mentioned that there hasn’t been that much of a tide pattern to his better fishing sessions. Of course, he assures that onshore or side-ass wind conditions at Graveling gets the bottom stirred up, coaxing the bass in close enough to reach.

I did some afternoon tracking in an area I was told is yet another coyote headquarters. I’m not sure that these folks are seeing that makes them think these wild canines are overrunning the neighborhood but it sure as hell isn’t coyotes in most cases. Recent rains had fresh dirt and slick mud, ideal for showing tracks, made my look-about an easy read.  Not so much a single coyote for miles around the area. Plenty of possum, coons, skunks, rabbits and, of course, deer. I also marveled over a huge rafter of wild turkeys. They were disinterestedly crossing right in front of my stopped truck, on the old Tuckerton RR easement over near Mayetta. There were easily 20 of them, with a few toms and a ton of hens. I got a few pics of a few of them but they were so stretched out there was no way to photograph all of them. I should have had my video camera.

Got any interesting stuff for me to write about? Drop me an email. Fishing and outdoors are my prime power points but the sky’s the limit when it comes to cool stuff I’m willing to wax poetic over. If it’s totally out of my domain, yet warrants a write-up, I’ll have one of the SandPaper writers do the writing honors. Over the past 20 years of doing this column – and working for the paper even longer than that – far and away the best (funnest and wildest) subjects have come from readers. 

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