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Thursday, May 31, 2012:


I see that a real nice boat was ripped asunder in Barnegat Inlet. All I have is a photo facebooked my way; very few details. Here’s what I got from Jim Watson, via  Jersey Shore Hurricane News's: After encountering fog earlier this morning, a boat ran aground in the Barnegat Inlet, according to a contributor who has requested anonymity. "The boat was sitting by the obstruction buoys on the north side of the jetty still inside of the monument," contributor says. "[This photo] was taken 30-60 mins ago; it happened before 6:30am, when the fog had lifted." The contributor adds that "the boat's bottom is ripped to shreds." We're told that all occupants are safe.


Sure looks to me like yet another victim of the submerged portion of the North Jetty. At least that’s the exact look I’ve seen in the past when boats were cluelessly piloted over those rocks – almost always by captains unfamiliar with the channel markers leading into the inlet. Counterintuitively, it’s actually when a vessel is up on a full plane, zipping along, that a clueless captain can sometimes (high tide, mainly) cross over the rocks without hitting. Anyone inching in under fogging conditions (this a.m.?) will motor atop the rocks and then have the bottom fall out of the ocean – and the boat – when wave action sucks water off the rocks. Let me emphasize I’m not sure that’s what happened but seeing a craft with its entire bottom ripped out …

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