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Berkeley Striper Club
Fluke and Sea Bass Tournament 
August 18th – September 3, 2012

CASH PRIZES for Three Categories
Fluke – Boat Category - $20. Per Person
Sea Bass – Boat Category - $20. Per Person
Fluke-Shore/Surf Category - $20.Per Person

1st to 3rd place cash prizes for each category – 2/3 payout for each category - Of the money paid out winners receive:
1st place – 50% 2nd place - 30% 3rd place – 20%

Boundaries – All state waters and federal waters off the New Jersey Coast

For Additional Information
contact Paul at (973)943-8201 or anglerpmh@aol.com
or visit www.berkeleystriperclub.org

Rules & Regulations
1.) There will be no pre-tournament meeting. Entrants are responsible for reading and adhering to all of the following rules. By submitting the application, entrant agrees to abide by the decision of the Tournament Committee and agrees that this decision is final. 
2.) Registration may be made by mail or through a BSC Tournament Committee member or at one of our registration and weigh-in stations. Once the tournament begins there will be no refunds for any reason. Entrants may enter one, two or all three categories. 
3.) Entrance fee must be received or postmarked by 8/17/2012. The fees are per person, not per boat. 
4.) The tournament begins at 5 AM on Saturday 8/18/12 and ends at 10 PM on Sunday 9/3/12. On the last day of the tournament all fish must be weighed in during each weigh-in station's normal business hours but no later than 10 PM.
5.) Boundaries are all New Jersey waters and Federal waters off the New Jersey Coast. Entrants may fish from the shore as well as charter, party and private boats.
6.) Fish entered must be caught on rod and reel and within compliance of the law including being in the mandatory saltwater registry. Fish must be of legal size to be eligible.
7.) From the time the fish strikes, the entrant must hook and fight the fish. The only help he or she may have is to have someone net, gaff, lip, gill, tail, or leader the fish.
8.) Prizes will be determined by the weight of the fish in pounds and ounces. Fish weighed on a digital scale will be rounded off to the nearest ounce. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in will hold that position. The first official weigh-in station where the fish is weighed in is the weight that will count.
9.) Each entrant may only win one prize in each category he or she enters.
10.) Entrants weighing in fish must ensure that the weigh-master properly records it on the official BSC weigh-in sheet. Those entering fish should also request a receipt from the weigh-master and hold on to this to verify their identity and catch. 
11.) If categories are not filled there will be a drawing for all entrants who did not already win a prize in that category.
12.) The standings for each category will be posted periodically onwww.berkeleystriperclub.org. Go to our message board and click on Fluke and Sea Bass tournament. 
13.) Any and all appeals or protests must be made in writing and must be received no later than 9/6/12. Appeals may be emailed to our tournament director at anglerpmh@aol.com or mailed to him at 160 Doherty Dr., Clifton, N.J. 07013
14.) Winners will be notified and will have their checks presented to them at our club meeting on 9/8/12. The meeting will be held at 7:30 PM at the Seaside Park Municipal Building. Checks will be mailed to those who are unable to attend.
15.) Any entrant weighing in a fish which was not caught by him or her within the rules and regulations of this tournament, will be disqualified and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
16.) If there are any questions at all contact our Tournament Director, Paul Haertel at (973) 943-8201 or anglerpmh@aol.com

Registration and Weigh-in Stations
Alex’s B&T, The Bait Shop, Betty & Nick’s B&T, The Dock Outfitters, Fish Bonz B&T, Fisherman’s Headquarters, Grumpy’s B&T, L&H Woods and Water (Waretown), Lacey Marine, Long Branch B&T, Oceanside B&T, and South Harbor Marina


Name ________________________________________Age_________
Signature _____________________________________Date _________
Address ___________________________________________________
City/State____________________________________ Zip__________
Phone Number_____________________ E-mail ___________________
Check Applicable Tournament options – enter whichever ones you want.

□ Fluke – Boat Category $20. 

□ Sea Bass – Boat Category $20. 

□ Fluke – Shore/Surf Category $20. 
Total Enclosed: _______ 
Make check to Berkeley Striper Club, mail to:
160 Doherty Dr., Clifton, N.J. 07013 
or enter at one of our registration and weigh-in stations
Berkeley Striper Club

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