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UPDATE: Between the road flooding and the emergency vehicles, Ship Bottom south is screwed up royally – coming and going. Don’t even add to the mess by trying to get out. Crews are now out on the Causeway placing some better-late-than-never cones.


If you’re north of the Causeway, things are going along smoothly off the Island. Once off, you’re then on your own. At 3:30 things were quieting a bit in Stafford but that was due mainly to the fact no pone could get anywhere so they weren’t doing inane things – flooding-wise. . 

A house on 31th Street (Brant Beach) had a lighting bolt come down the chimney and literally blow apart sections of the fireplace. Very spooky, I’m guessing. 

 Numerous heart calls, as this storm spooked more than just the chimney folks.

Northbound Boulevard now closed from roughly 82th Street (Brant Beach) northward to contain serious fuel leak. Booms being placed to contain leakage. Traffic being directed to Beach Avenue. Southbound traffic in that area still being allowed through. 


Forwarded to Weather Service: 


Laurence Walsh I was driving the Monoc Medics van following the Barnegat Light ambulance heading to SOMC . Rt 72 was flooded shoulder to shoulder by LA's. We unloaded our patient and were walking out of the ER when lightning struck very close. Close enough to feel the concussion.



 Jill Svelling Belloff A wind funnel roared down our lagoon on Bonia Road, Waretown, we stood on our porch and watched it.... Umbrellas, chairs and debris sideways. Everyones deck and patio furniture will now be available down at the ramp.



Dave Sikorski About an hour ago 72 was covered in water by the hospital. Traffic was stop and go like a Saturday morning from the hospital to Kmart where I bugged out. The roads by Friday's were flooded. Looks like the rain sag finally subsided in BHW but power is out; I think lightning hit something close by.



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