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Further below is info on a bus being organized for the march on DC by anglers.
The march on D.C. is a great thing -- but for reasons a bit a field of the intended purpose. There is surely room for change regarding the Magnuson Steven Act but there are also groups easily as powerful as anglers supporting the act as it now stands. It is no small matter, legislatively speaking, to get an act re-rewritten after it has just been rewritten. Of course, in this age of instant video review in sports, maybe time has come for politicians to also routinely go under the hood to more exactly review the way things are really playing out.
However (and it’s a big-ass however), this activism by anglers is yet another power displays that anglers have got to undertake, just to get the reality across that we are many, powerful and a majorly significant voter segment. Remember, it’s that ‘voter segment” concept that often lights ass-fires within the political realm. It’s a nervous politician, worried about keeping that seat in D.C. or the statehouse, who often keeps an open mind and gets the most done. The cocky fat-cat politicos too often sit back and act all royal-like, making any damn half-assed decision that jumps to mind. Boy, do I see that in my business as an editor.
In a less-than-upbeat way, I think it is also vitally important that every angler get involved with political activism just to see, close up and personal, the bitter frustration fishing advocates, like Tom Fote (JCAA) and Jimmy Donofrio (RFA), go through when striving for fair and just action for anglers. Believe it or not, once the frustration and beating of heads against walls are done, a certain dizzy clarity comes through as to how things must be done in politics, including the noisy voting out of politicos who don’t support what their constituencies want.

Here’s more info on the bus being organized by the Chumbucket.
Also, once I get back to my job at The SandPaper this coming week, I’ll have an independent writer cover the March on D.C. If you’re organization or business is involved with the protest, please email me (jmann99@hotmail.com) the name and phone number of a representative who can be interviewed.
Important notice via local fishing clubs:
The Chumbucket has put a bus together for the RFA March on Washington on Feb 24, 2010, I would appreciate it if you could notify fellow members of the VHFC about this. The cost is $30 per person, payable in advance, the Bus will leave the Chumbucket 8am and return by 8pm. Parking at the Chumbucket.

Here’s the read from the Chumbucket webste: Sign up for the bus trip here!! That way I can keep track of how many seats are sold, and how many we have to fill. You can pay by credit card by calling the store at 609 294 2500, or stop in. Hopefully we will get a bus full, if not all monies will be refunded. You must pay before the trip, we have had bad experiences in the past!

Bus will leave the Chumbucket at 8am on the 24th of February, you can park here. The Rally is from 12 to 3 pm. The bus will then return to the Chumbucket. The cost is $30 per person, this includes the cost of the bus to and from Washington DC, all parking permits, and the gratuity for the driver. Watch the weather forecast, for appropiate clothing, and bring your own lunches, beverages.

The address of the Chumbucket 381 Rte 9 West Creek, about two blocks south of the State Police Barracks.
Here is the link http://thechum-bucket.com/forum/index.php?topic=2311.0

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