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Saturday, September 28, 2013: Not the worst day to be surfcasting.

Saturday, September 28, 2013: Not the worst day to be surfcasting.

World Series of Surf Fishing Tournament was run today. Hopefully, someone will get me the results.  http://www.asaconline.org/tournaments/9-28-13.pdf

That event has very often been held in windy, surf-riled conditions. Comes with the territory. Why is it called the “World Series?” It began 67 years ago. Let me do the math. That means is began in 1946, give or take a few years. I never know whether you count the first year, then carry the two, divided by pi  … oh, never mind.

Anyway, back then was held in early October, right about the time the LBI event was first held. Ironically, in 1946 the World Series was between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox – a matchup definitely not outside the high realm of possibility this year. It took the whole seven games for the Sox to persevere. If the event began in 1947, the World Series of baseball was begun on Sept. 30 and was between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Yankees. It is famed for featuring an African American phenom named Jackie Robinson, making the Dodgers the first racially integrated team in the World Series. The Yanks won in seven in a series among the most exciting in history. (I used to live and breathe baseball.)

Back to fishing, I sure didn’t see anything exploding in the surf. I plugged until my rod and reel got tired – not my arm, mind you. Nada. Not even a bluefish in the suds, though I saw a spattering of small blues being caught on bait.

Holgate alert: Way down at the Rip, there is an erosional area that is tricky to very dangerous at higher tide. There is a four-foot cutaway that, if driven above, could collapse and lead to a rollover. I’m real worried about anyone heading that way after dark. Here’s a photo looking west.

Elsewhere in Holgate, I hate to even mention it but the notorious cove is forming at the drive on point. Currently there is a load of sand left but I don’t like the speed the westward-heading cove is moving.

By the by, I have it on decent authority that the Beach Haven Inlet (the inhabited section of Holgate) will get replenishment by next spring. The sand placement will be placed all the way to the submerged jetty, just past the parking area. That jetty is roughly equivalent to the north boundary of the nearby Forsythe Wilderness area (the undeveloped section of Holgate). The refuge zone cannot be sand fortified without running into legal hassles, however, through littoral drift, the pumped in sand will quickly reinforce the most northerly section of the Holgate wilderness. In the longer run, if could benefit all the way to the end of Holgate toward the Rip. A southward surge of pumped in sand is direly needed a couple thousand feet south of the parking area. That’s the non-vegetated area, which extends from ocean beach to bay waters. It is certainly the assigned Holgate breaking point, per nature.



    You learn something new if you try something new!!!
    First ... this was a BEAUTIFUL NIGHT... many Visuals... Sky had great depth to it... and the shooting stars were unreal... this cooler weather brings some cool stuff... can't wait for the Northern Lights to disco me out!!! some nights ya just get all bopping around and it must throw some crazy action into your presentation..and WHAM... you were so busy doing the bop.. your rod just went out of your hand... which mine came so so close to doing... Some hits were just a tap.. some jolts...
    Took me a while tonight to get every thing move in and grooving...
    fished my first location.. little late on the tide.. and i can say i did not get a hit... did my allotted time and split... pretty big move mile wise.. but I went deeper in to the Bass realm.. and found active fish... it was the first one that almost took my fly rod rigth out from under my arm ...
    i was fishing my usually retrieve.. steady slow.. couple pauses.. and took three fish in no time... buty heard some pops up tide... no way to get above them and i always found my hits happening on the down tide swing or end... So my Guide... ME.. i was guiding myself tonight... told me to try one of those dumb up tide casts... the one everyone was doing on a trip i took to FL.. and they all took limits of snook.. and i caught a blue fish...
    so i strip out some more line and shoot a nice cast way up tide... just kep stripping just to feel the fly.. i get 3 hits on the first cast... after that game on and after a bunch more fish that was it... trip started at 10:15 and i was back here at mid-night... estimate 15 fish.. to about 15#s... estimate hits... can't count that high.. moral of the story.. if you fish with me and I tell you they always hit on the down tide swing... do the up tide boogie...
    Forgot to mention the insane MOON RISE tonight... i just can capture it with my Instamatic...

    Good Night all my friends ..

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