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Saturday Oct. 8, 2011: 

Some important stuff coming to light today. And the light was sure out there. It was a mighty choice day -- and moving toward a tad too summerish by tomorrow.

On that summerside thing, the beaches were overrun by beachgoers today. I'm talking packed to the gills in some places, especially in town (Beach Haven). There were many areas -- even usually more open beaches -- almost impassible for buggies. Making matters seriously worse were the ways people plopped down right near buggy access areas. It made it almost impossible for mobile anglers to get up enough steam to exit the beach. Very bad scenes -- and very dangerous, as buggies side-slipped trying to get off at the wrong angle -- and drifted toward reclining beachgoers. I had a nasty go in Spray Beach because of this exact scenario. I got word of way-worse entry/exit buggy scenes. The worst part is it might be even worse tomorrow and Monday, a holiday. I strongly suggest just passing on driving the beaches, mainly midday. By the by, if beachies totally block buggy access roads (usually near jetties) ask nicely for some passage room. If beachgoers attitudes are openly hostile -- as it often is, as some folks purposely block the tracks -- call the police. I kid you not. Do not mix it up. The police will arrive very quickly and I can assure they'll support safe passage for buggyists. Absolutely no need to voice your upset, even when the troublesome beachgoers rant to the cops. Just smile and drive on -- you'll win the day with nary an evil word. Again: It is likely best to just avoid driving the beach at high sun. 

Onward to the hot start to the Classic, with a 42-pounder and 33-pounder showing up. Great to see folks entering. Get in there. 

I can't emphasize enough the need for Classic contestants to at least monitor for witnesses when a major fish is taken. This is not meat to be disparaging in any way. It is simply meant to assure an easy entry of a money fish into the event.  

Onward to funner stuff -- for me, In short order I got off the plugging snide when i took a couple small bass and lost two more in under 15 minutes. It was rising tide, South End, and mullet were sparing up right next to the beach. A 26-incher was the best  I got but it was such a pleasant change to see bass showing interest in artificials.  


Front beach water temps were mainly upper 50s. That's a real good dip. 


Blues from 1 to 3 pounds are showing all over the place. Mullet meat (whole or chunked) assure bluefish hookups. Poppers are working a little bit.

Boat traffic was as brisk as I've sen it in at least a month. Most boaters I talked to are launching fro public ramps. That makes sense. They pulled out for Irene but have begun to itch for fish. For the next couple days, the a.m. should be good boat fishing but p.m. winds could get testy. 

Note: Folks live-lining large mullet continue to hook bass -- jetties and boats. 




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