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Saturday, November 08, 2014: Ocean conditions: Calm ... I was hopin’ bassing would be hoppin’ today; first snowy owl.

Half-day report ... 

Check out this boat bass-angling insanity in Barnegat Inlet today ... 




First snowy owl of the season in Holgate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYw4bw-i0IM&feature=youtu.be

What happens when raptor meet?: 

Bald Eagle didn't like sharing airspace with a 
Snowy Owl 
and chased him all around ... 


Don Neumann


Saturday, November 08, 2014: Ocean conditions: Calm with waves less than two feet. Water clarity: Good. It has cleaned up nicely, as expected. Actually, a bit too calm and clear in the ocean. For that reason, late-day and early-a.m. (predawn tomorrow) fishing might be the best bet. However, these are the conditions that could offer a perfect view of nervous bait. I saw some spearing flurries but no fish willing to grab my plug when cast upon such flurries. 

I was hopin’ bassing would be hoppin’ today, as were tons of other folks, as indicated by the heavy fishing pressure – boat and beach. However, by midday, I can assure that the surfcasting is hardly happenin’. 

My Bearcat scanner is actin’ up so I’m not able to ear-in on the boat reports around Barnegat Inlet, where the bass had been thick enough to skate across. Guess I should take a drive up that way … listen to some Wintersun Viking heavy metal music to keep me pumped. 

I should add I threw a load (of plugs) this a.m. with very little to show for my effort, except a one-hand-sized bass that was so small he grabbed my plug just to escape some hake who were bullying him around. 

If there are no fish to be found, I’m Johnny on that spot. Of course, I’m the best possible person to be fishing next to. Anybody who casts out anywhere in my vicinity will immediately catch fish – and will then feel somehow obligated to look over to me with said fish and offer a thumb’s up. Hey, they known if it wasn’t for me they would have never caught those fish. You’re welcome.

Driving the beach is a breeze today except for the many walkers and dogs. Sections of Beach Haven being heavily used. Better to steer well clear of high-use areas. Still areas of loose sand and some ramps are torn up, mainly Long Beach Township zones. Holgate drive to Rip is easy with some moderate traffic, both pedestrians and buggies. 



Rare sunset showers over ocean ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp4x_mUx1as&feature=youtu.be


Buck has local ties to LBI ... 

Steve Purul added 6 new photos.
Retired Major league baseball player and coach and presently color commentator for Toronto Blue JAYS. Buck Martinez was out for some solid snag and drop artificial action!! All fish released!!!
Steve Purul's photo.
Steve Purul's photo.
Steve Purul's photo.
Steve Purul's photo.
Steve Purul's photo.

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