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Saturday Nov. 29, 08: Bass and boats in equally insane numbers

Saturday, November 29, 2008: Waves: Generally small stuff.

Well, the schoolie bass are packed in like sardines. A weird use of that metaphor, for sure.

The chatter from the boats, along with a couple e-reports and also a phone report from my buddy Walt. P confirm there are bass out there in numbers likely unseen since Native Americans wondered what the hell those sickly-looking white faces on the funny boats could possibly want.
(“Little Creek, run on down and ask those freaky people what they want.”
Shortly thereafter.
“Well, Chief, as nearly as I can figure it they want all our land for some costume jewelry.”
You can’t be serious, LC. What a buncha whackos. Good thing there’s only a few of ‘em. I’ll tell you what, scurry on back and tell them it’s a deal. Hell, they’ll be gone by the time we get back here next spring.”

That historic hiatus exhausted, I heard of boats off Barnegat Inlet and up off the Swimming Beach (IBSP) jigging bass by the dozens and dozens – even before they began keeping count.

Keeper rates were expectedly iffy, though Walt had a fine percentage of taker-off-grade bass just off the inlet yesterday. Walt’s today report: Today's bassing was even better than yesterday's. Fished about the same spot on IBSB as yesterday, about half way from the inlet to the CG station. There was a huge fleet just south of the bathing beach, did not want any part of that. By the time I left at 10:00, there must have been well over a hundred boats stretched from the beach out a bout a mile. I had all the action I needed where I was. Probably had over 30 fish in the hour and a half I was there. One nice 34" fish, one 29" and the rest just under the keeper mark. The ocean was flat, no wind to chill you, and a nice sun to warm your back and hands. If I can't get out again I'm a happy guy with tired arms. WP”

I had two captains tell me today was easily the most rec fishing boats they had ever seen this late in the year.

As for the Little Egg area, the bass were there but prissier. Total takes often went to a dozen-or-so when metal jigs with teasers found the balled up bass below birdplay. There were also active boats just off LBI.

Today was kayak fishing at its best. A slow troll (paddle speed) was deadly when sassies or Wildeyes were dropped. Casting and jigging metals also worked.

Surfcasting is still pretty much very late-day, though some clam chuckers had high sun stripers.

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