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Saturday, May 19, 2012: Damn, it was mighty decent out there today. I got in a load of backwoodsing time and the energy/wildlife level was through the high-sky ceiling. It’s days like today that remind me why I’m a spring person – and a summer and fall person during those seasons. Yes, that leaves one season of which I’m not “a person.”

Freaky comment: I stopped by Cumberland Farms for a cold one (Pepsi “Throwback”) and the talk in line focused on the gorgeous day, to which a lottery ticket-buying lady fretted out loud, “But we’ll pay for this later.” To which a harmonious mumble of agreement wafted up from other patrons. I’m of course thinking “WTF!” Just enjoy the frickin’ day!

Unfrettingly, I got in some freshwater quarry fishing. The largemouth bass are already nest building. (Below is an email on that very subject.) During nesting, I fish bottom plastics to get a “offensive” hit out of the always short-fused nest builders. Since bass nest right along the shoreline, much of that action is sight fishing. Had to beat a hasty retreat when I saw a guard seemingly working his way over toward me, driving in a white truck. Odd to see that on a weekend.

On LBI, I really thought it would be a prime surfcasting weekend but I only have one email report and that focused on “fun time catching small bluefish.”

I did have a verbal report of fair bass plugging at sunrise, though the angler was one of those folks who make you crazy with the way they constantly catch fish. I’m going to try a sunset surf session with jigs.

Surf is roiled, though warmish with the NE winds. Many a bather hitting the suds today – and a goodly number actually spending some time in the water.


 The black seabass season is underway, though the wind and swells would have made places like The Tires a tough go.

We can keep 25 fish providing each is 12.5 inches long. As you likely know, tail filaments are not part of the length. The season pauses on September 3, resuming on Sept. 23 to Oct. 14, when it closes until Nov. 1.

I’m a tad surprised at that 25-fish bag limit. That won’t cut it, conservation-wise but we just do as we’re told, right?



Hello again, Harry v here again with a freshwater bass story. First you should know im NOT fishing for them, which leads to one of two questions.. What I am fishing for is bluegills. Not pumpkinseed, bluegills. Some web site said there were bluegills and even smallmouth bass in (name removed), and im obsessed with showing the wifee. Caught pumpkinseed, pretty fat too. But still no bluegills. First fish i ever caught, probably 7 yrs old, put it in a fish tank and the darn thing lived for years before i released it back. I kinda want to do that again, but i didnt say that out loud. Soo, question one, is there any local lakes that actually have bluegills in them? Im feeling another question.. ********* lake, thought they had em too, but pickerel after pickerel, after... Is there anything else of good numbers in there?  2 questions down..

 Just got back from *********** park, where i thought was nothing but pickerel. Trying for bluegills, catching pumpkins, and trying to avoid turtles, we saw a fish finning in shallow water. Thought it was a pickeral, just hovering, it was big. Had to sorta climb a tree to get a good look, and i couldnt believe it, it was the biggest bass ive ever seen, and another smaller one up tight against it. It was in an area that looked like a bed, and i thought it was momma and poppa sitting on the bed protecting it, but they were um, rubbing against each other kinda swimming around.. It was actually beautiful, graceful, and the size was amazing, we just watched them kinda wiggle and writh for a minute, then went out of sight. Were they actually doing the deed? Wasnt the only spot on the lake that we saw this either. Second one we can only see the fins, but they were big fins. :).  I had no idea there were even bass in this lake.. Please dont tell anyone. lol.



(Bluegills have been stocked in some local lakes but they are more sensitive to acidity than ‘seeds and other sunfishes.


Back in the day, I caught bluegills on the Road-to-Nowhere, Manahawkin. They weren’t plentiful and the technique my buddy and I used when we caught them was seriously work intensive. We chummed with grass shrimp we netted at the end of the road – near the burnt-out bridge.

I’ve written about the way we used to have a contest based on points for different types of fish. In an area I call the straight creek (past the main lake), we chummed up a who’s who of local fish (an crab and turtle) species. Caught: Largemouth bass, yellow perch, white perch, pumpkinseeds, blue gills, herring, pickerel, American eels, catfish, longear sunnies, green sunnies, redbreasted sunnies, snapping turtles, painted turtles and (utterly weird) blue claw crabs, even though it was strictly freshwater. You can still see freshwater blue claw crabs to this day by night spotting on the lakes and creeks on the Road-to-Nowhere.  – J-mann)

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