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Saturday March 21, 09 -- Loads of stuff and shrooms to boot

UPDATE ON CRAZIES AT HOLGATE: That tale of the naked folks captured at Holgate has gotten a whole lot freakier. Turns out a male, naked as a buzzard’s head, came running out of the Forsythe Wildlife Refuge and into the housed area. He went to a home where he screamed he was dying after, by his own freaked out admission, he had taken “magic mushrooms.” Obviously, this man was not mentally prepared for the rush of psilocin in “shrooms.” No, I have no personal insights into this (or any drug) but I was amazed at the huge number of books in Amazon on how to grow the things, eat them, experience them and, I’m sure somewhere, how to run around naked thinking you’re dying on them.
Anyway, this fellow finally went down in a heaving heap of hallucinations and was treated by police and paramedics. I imagine he’ll be charged with a number of misdemeanors but will graciously pay them in appreciation of the work that was done by those first responders -- just as he was about to be eaten by a monstrous purple creature with the body of a segmented worm and the face of Al Sharpton.
The story gets freakier with the finding of clothing at the 6,500-foot line. First, that shroomed out fellow must have walked a long way – possibly ran a long way – back to civilization. Scarier is the fact that the clothing found at the 6,500 mark -- by police and, later, Stu D. -- would clothe way more than just one person. In fact, there might have been two other psilocin-based folks shrooming about, all of whom were sans clothing. Where they wound up is anyone’s guess. I distastefully inquired whether any of the clothing was female, just in case I wanted to do my civic duty and go looking for her.
Note: If anyone has found a couple lost and crazed people wondering around please notify police at some point in the near future. More seriously: It got done to the low 30s when they may have been out there. Even hallucinating a giant bonfire won’t warm you enough to keep from dying of exposure in that case.

Saturday, March 21, 2009:

I’m looking into a report that the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge has been nominated to become a marine Protected Area. I’m not sure what this is all about. The first thought is this a lead-in to a sanctuary system? Seems to be nothing of the sort, if you believe what you read. See http://mpa.gov/. Go to the homepage for this program and along the left side you’ll see photographic indicators that fishing and boating is allowed. If this is one of those efforts to keep PWC in check, it might be a just-fine thing. However, when on this above website DO NOT click on the link that shows “Nominated” locations. As of now March 21), it’s corrupted and will freeze your computer something awful. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon so we can see which refuges are in the running. I’m told the Forsythe is a prime locale for such a program. At this time I would not be overly concerned about this. In fact, I believe this might be a form of damage control to regain some lost appreciation caused by public/refuge conflicts in some areas of the country. Again, not a bad thing.

Capt. Bill Hammarstorm, Carolyn Ann III, BL, caught my ear about his ongoing effort to show that too much crap, so to speak, is getting through our sewage purification system, considered one of the best in the world. But Bill’s points are salient. He is certain that many harmful chemicals are still in the water after it is treated and that the increased outflow from a growing Southern Ocean County is having catastrophic effects on the nearshore ecology. He feels the close-in surf clam population has been obliterated by chemicals in the treated sewage water flowing out in pipes located just off Surf City. Many environmentalists are also finding that many trace chemicals are essentially leaking into the sewage outflow systems, many from medicines being dumped in the toilet after expiration. I’m going to be helping his effort by pursuing anecdotal evidence that we no longer have surf clams in close. Bill calls the 20 to 25 foot zone a “dead zone.” He has a sit-down with Congressman Adler in the near future. Maybe the Dems have more interest in finding out the fact than the Republicans do.

As for fishing, it is steady over toward Rte. 9. There are also fish remaining near Barnegat Inlet, though I only get the slightest dribs and drabs of info. I’d appreciate nay input – and I won’t give exact locales.

Alliance for a Living Ocean is looking for volunteers for its Earth Day clean-up. It’s a symbolic gesture, per se, but I personally feel the public environmental effort – which hits all anglers close to home – have all but collapsed over the past 5 years. Just look at the mindless build-out all around the county’s coastal regions. ALO is trying to re-spark public activism. Please join both the clean-up and the organization. Go to www.livingocean.org/. The group is currently updating the website but all the details of ALO activities are right there.

Dredging of Mill Creek is a done deal. However, questioning how it happened right at the height of spring migration will go on – as will closely watching that now seldom environmentally-minded municipality.

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