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Saturday Major striper slowdown. South winds needed.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010:

You’ll see a couple weigh-ins for the Classic but considering the very heavy fishing pressure it was a super slow -- typical west wind -- day. The Rip was dead through much of the day. I’m hoping we get some south winds soon.

Maybe the boat basing was better. The Sea Shell “Derby” will show that what was hooking.

Note: I’m way behind in getting to email questions. I will work on that this coming week. Getting email questions is my favorite website activity.



Hey Jay...finally have a few pieces of information to send along. Haven't had time to hit the night time bayside scene lately, but I am looking forward to some this weekend. Had a fellow contractor friend that is a non-fisherman doing some late night work on a home on the bay mid-island tell me I had to come see these huge fish that are under his docks at night. I asked how big? He said over 4 feet long, and they are chasing around foot long silvery fish. Sounds like weakfish or herring chasing rainfish with big bass under them. I am going for a look tomorrow night. Heard of some large late season (as in fall) fluke being caught as well.

I also know of loads of weakfish just offshore. Most are 10-16" and are hitting plastics. As for the surf...I have been putting in some serious time between a fair busy inland workload. I have been catching some 30 inch bluefish on bait and some fish on plugs when the surf is rougher. Wednesday morning on my third cast I nailed a 34lb striper in BB on a huge bottle plug in a bunker pattern. Also had a smaller fish as well. I did the cooler trick and released the big girl after a quick photo and weigh session with Val. I released the bass on the bayside at the windsurfing beach. It swam away just fine.

I have some construction work lined up for the first few weeks in November, so I will be on scene more often and fishing hard. If the ocean lays down next week I am doing a boat trip with my dad out of AC. We may look for a big inshore bluefin, or for some wreck fish. Would like to look for a weakfish or two as well. I'll let you know what I find.

Joe H.”


“Jay, I read your segment on catching a 50-pounder on a plug and recalled a few years back having the biggest bass I’d ever seen go for a Redfin. I’m not saying it was a 50 but it sure looked it before I lost it in the beach waves. I bring that up because to this day I wonder if I would have kept it. I never enter tournaments so there’s no money in keeping it. But just the look of my wife’s face when I lift it up would tempt me. Whenever I talk about fishing she instantly says “But he never catches anything.” Just getting her to stop that would also tempt me. Keep up the great writing. Geo. M.”

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