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Saturday, June 06, 2015: Day turned out great.

Saturday, June 06, 2015: Day turned out great. Some sun and highly fishable winds. Tomorrow could also rock. Word of great bassing in Great Bay. You’ll have to track down exact venues on your own. Shouldn’t be hard.

Here is a video look at the 17th Street beach buggy entrance in Ship Bottom, built compliments of the Army Corps. Even though we won’t be able to use it until fall, that very on/off area has been hideous for years. The sand there was so loose you could barely use it. Then, if you managed to get up it when exiting the beach, you’d often run smack into folks walking in from the street. So you hit the brakes -- and bog down. The new one has tons of room for vehicles and walkers to safely slide past each other. For the summer, the ramp is for authorized vehicles only. Don't go cruising up it. 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdz-aFdS2Vg

In the video, you’ll also see the unfinished beach ramp access on 20th St. Yes, it's large. This is actually an example of a ramp being built under the new handicapped access parameters set by the state, regarding replenished beaches.

Handicap-sensitive beach ramps are now allowed to go clear down to the water’s edge. I kid you not.

While this one in Ship Bottom is more-or-less halfway to the water’s edge, other ramps soon to be built with the handicapped in mind – in LBT and Beach Haven – might extend across the beach even further seaward, should the municipality ask for same. Folks in LBT and BH might want to ponder making such a request, as replenishment work progresses.

Another technical note. The hard-pack entrances, like 17th St. in SB, use a special material blend, dictated by the NJDOT. It’s something like I6 or, maybe, A6. That material used on beach entrances must be a perfect mix of clay, sand, and, most of all, smooth and rounded gravel. In other words: no sharp stones. That smoothness factor makes sense, feet-wise, though I imagine it’s tough to find just the right blend of material. Helping the cause is our South Jersey gravel, famed for being naturally smoothed and rounded by glacial action. It then comes down to the clay and sand. 


Part of todays bounty. Sight fishing in Great Bay. Empty stomachs though.....
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Solid day of back bay angling 
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Caught, photographed and released this beautiful Sturgeon this morning. had to be around 25-30 inches... I heard sturgeon has to be reported but i'm not sure what to report to.
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