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Saturday, July 14, 2012: Hit the sands of Harvey Cedars today for some cloudy-skied volleyball. That “cloudy-skied” is a good thing, by the way. Cooler by a long shot.

I looked high and low for any HC surf anglers to chat with between games. None.

The big beach attraction – as always – was the dolphin pods. I say pods because there were two or three different pods pretty much holding their places, maybe 50 yards off the beach. They’d circle a bit but never travel very far north or south, for hours on end. Not sure what that was about since they showed no signs of feeding either. Could be nursing behavior. 

I did get a couple emails about decent fluking. Nothing unlike the action of late: lots of small fish with some nice take-homes mixed in. I also got a second-hand report of some ocean fluking (out of BL) that was epic, as in every angler maxxing out – though I’m guessing some anglers might have maxxed out a little extra for those who kinda under-maxxed.

There will be some fair bassing late today and early a.m. tomorrow. I’m going to try small plugs and teasers. A tad surer: Chunk baits on smaller rigs. Not saying there’ll be keepers, just a lot more bass action than of-late. It has to do with the glassy and cloudy conditions. Be alert for weather swings, including some scattered lightning bolts, especially early tomorrow.

Fair bluefishing in and north of Barnegat Inlet. If you really want a few, use plastics on a one-ounce jighead with steel leader. Don’t go with costlier GULP. In fact, the oldest plastics in the box will do. If you go down deep enough you might even nab a larger fluke.

The weakfish continue to move in. This arrival is consistent with studies indicating various weakfish biomasses arrive in a series of waves through much of the summer. Please, play by the rules (regs) regarding weakfish. I’m getting word of some anglers keeping as many weakies as they get. Very bad – and costly if caught.

Got word from a fellow who used kingfish heads for nighttime shark fishing and no sooner had they hit the water than he had sharks on. All browns. “I needed more heads,” he said. Don’t we all?

Just recieved email: 

Hi Jay,
First report of my somewhat lackluster season thus far.
Was out at my favorite waypoint in Barnegat Bay today, after hearing of weaks being about. Well, they are!
I only had clam logs and a bag of freezedried chum--no grass shrimp--did not matter. Within minutes of dropping a slice of fresh skimmer clam I had weakfish number one aboard.  I went on to catch five...all keepable (but released), with two of them of the 18" variety.
It was intended to be a blowfishing trip, but I only got one lone puffer. Besides the weaks, I was kept very busy with: spots...croaker...small seabass...a white perch...a fluke...and even a 10" striper.  Eight species, and about 40 fish in the 2 hours I was out there. Quite the potpourri.
I would recommend that anyone who knows the ins and outs of chumming weaks in the bay to get out there are try your favorite spots with your favorite methods. Mine is a 1/4oz pink jighead tipped with Gulp shrimp. But...three fish hit clam!
I think we are in for some good bay panfishing, right upto mid September.

I was freaked out by a comment on a buddy’s website that said we’re halfway through summer. Perish the thought, dude. August 8 is the official halfway point for summer in the northern hemisphere. That’s still a goodly ways off. However, on that date note, please get signing up for the 43rd Annual White Marlin Invitational Tournament. Go to http://www.thewmit.com/. Not only will that be one less thing on your mind but it really helps the club prepare for the event.

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