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Saturday, January 24, 2015 HOLGATE HULLABALOO: If you have a second, take a look at this video,

"This bloody thing is busted, eh????"

Saturday, January 24, 2015: Winds have gone west but there is still a strong storm swell showing, even though we didn’t get all that much wind from last night’s soaking storm. Some beach overwash in usual skinny-beach areas.

Spooky snow thought: I checked my rain gauges this morning and if that rain had been snow last night, we would have gotten over 20 inches in a matter of a few hours.

 Gate onto Holgate beach was closed yesterday. Not sure why.

Look for some coldness to set in this weekthough nothing fully frigid.  It's hard to believe but we'll then be into February, a month I find has become more of moderation period. 

HOLGATE HULABALOO: If you have a second, take a look at this video, showing another angle on the embattled washover zone in Holgate … targeted to be built upon near the Boulevard -- if public resistance doesn’t overcome builder Mark Davies insistence.


There will eventually be a public comment period on any decision the DEP makes regarding its determination of whether or not this sand washover area -- compliments of both Sandy and a natural weakness at that LBI point – is wetlands. It’s been under sand for two whole years. Sounds solid as granite to me … Yeah, right?

 Forcefully, the March Storm of ’62 made it abundantly clear the parcel in question is beyond vulnerable.  The Island was catastrophically breached there in ’62. It is the very place where three Island first-responders died trying to reach the few homes in Holgate after the storm. The heavy-duty vehicle they were in was wave-rolled like a toy, indicating just how badly that point had broken through.

Below: This military vessel found out how savage the Holgate surf was during the March Storm. Somewhere, I have a photo of me (and others) standing next to it ... before the MPs came.  Photo is part of Pooch Buchholz collection.

I could make a strong case that this tract of Holgate wetlands (I say its wetlands) might be the most unstable and unsuitable place to build -- on all of LBI. However, Long Beach Township, through the land use board, has essentially said it sees no reason not to allow a new road and a slew of houses to be built there-upon. Assuredly, the unspoken influence on the decision to deem this area buildable is the amount of fun revenue, i.e. ratables, that will come flooding into the municipality, after adding the taxes from 20 high-cost homes.

 I should duly note that the potentially deadly ratables impact was set in stone long ago, via the municipality’s ordinances and regulations. The LBT land use board must work under those mandates. That’s why it’s a tough row to hoe when approaching that board with save-the-wetlands pleas. The township’s regs are so engineered that the land use board’s actions are often little more than a forced rubber stamp. At the same time, Holgate residents have their hands hogtied at the municipal level.

 Hopefully, more and more Islanders -- and an army of total outsiders -- will see this issue/case as setting a precedent for all smaller wetlands lots caught in the vice of over-development. That means the fight is on for coast-wide preservation of any and all wetlands.

 No parcel of wetlands should be too small to thoroughly protect. In the case of the Holgate tract, one need only watch the huge cross-section of birds and wildlife that utilize the area. It even serves as a stop-off point for birds heading to the nearby Holgate Wilderness Area.

 More on this issue as it unfolds. 

If you’re looking to join the Save the Wetlands cause, consider signing up with Alliance for a Living Ocean. http://www.livingocean.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/allianceforalivingocean  


Why it's not a good idea to just jump into winter workouts ... 


"Ahhhhh .... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!""


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