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Sat. Sept. 19, 09 -- Water clearing; mullet no-shows

Saturday, September 19, 2009: Waves: dropping 2- to 4-foot north swell. Water clarity: Has been lousy but started cleaning up midday.

Things got better on the weather front but sure didn’t get so bright on the hooking side. A lot of slow-ish fishing with small blues, small bass (some keepers) and some panfish.

On the panfish front, there have been some kingfish hotspots along the beachfront. Bloodworm pieces work best, though fake-o pieces also fool some nicer fish. High tide is best. As the water clean even further, the Kingfishing will really flare up. As migrators, kingfish are famous for up and bolting almost overnight. Grab them while you can.

There is some serious head scratching over the lack of a mullet run – so far. If and when it does start, it will be the latest mullet run in over 20 years. There is also a looming threat of a non-mullet fall. I say that after talking with some baitmen up north who are also fretting no mullet. They were wondering if they should come down here. After I told them I’m averaging about a dozen mullet an hour, they said they might hang where they’re at.

Holgate report: A stuck non-permitted vehicle tore the hell out of the entrance onto the beach just past the overlook. The guy needed a haul out – though he was un-cited by the PD. It was a bitch getting off afterwards. Down at the Rip there were no mullet and no fish. Even the blues had flown the coop. Dirty water added to a low fishing desirability factor.

There is a deceased 200-pound-plus sea turtle about ¾ of the way to the Rip. The Brigantine Marine Mammal Stranding Center rep came by today to take some DNA tests. I asked if I could have the shell -- and was, of course, shot down. It is against federal and international laws to keep such items. I simply have never seen a larger sea turtle. And the shell was undamaged meaning it wasn’t a prop hit.

There is a very interesting piece of boat wreck right smack dab in the middle of the beach past the Osprey Nest. It has solid wooden dowels holding it together but it also has a large iron stack of some sort. I can’t tell if it’s in situ (where it sunk) or washed there. Remember, the erosion in Holgate is exposing area covered with sand for many decades. However, the part where this wreck is located would have been bayside back in the day (prior to 1900). Maybe it was a steamer.

The insomniac corps have been picking up keeper stripers at 3 a.m. More power to ‘em.

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