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Sat. Sept. 12, 09 -- Storm is over -- now what?

Saturday, September 12, 2009: Waves: Dropping rapidly but still significant. Water clarity: Not great; could clear fairly fast, though this weekend will be roiled. Water temps: Upper 60s. Sun breaking though midday; winds switch to the south.

The ocean temp has dropped quite a bit even in the face of east winds. With the potential for a prolonged stretch of calmer weather for the coming week, it could get very interesting on the angling front.

I’ve gotten some emails from anglers asking about the upcoming long-term Causeway Bridge work. Not much to say except it is, in fact, a many-months project. There is a public meeting on it, I think this Monday (not sure). That will simply be to explain the lane closures and related traffic pattern shifts during work periods. I will note that all the weekends marked by special LBI event will be roadwork-free. Also, work will be night-oriented to start.

I had a couple folks further ask if this Causeway work is part of the building of a new bridge. Yes, but mainly no. Huh? Well, the facelift of the existing Causeway is going to be very intensive, thanks to Obama’s infrastructure fix-up mandate (and money). The last plan I saw for the proposed new bridge was to keep the existing one as part and parcel to what would become the New Causeway. So, although the upcoming work is technically NOT the big build of the new bridge, it is related in long-run thinking.

As for the impact of the work on anglers heading on and off LBI, it might be more significant to the night folks and predawn movers and groovers. Just keep in mind short delays are surely in the picture -- and have a cup of calming hot chocolate near at hand. Plus, check this website for any curves and last-minute problems that might arise with the work -- I have some inside lines to the DOT, via The SandPaper.

Note from marina owners. It seems the lower fuel prices are keeping boats in longer this post-season. Last year, the effed-up fuel prices had mariners pulling out Labor Day.

Related: On Rte.72 today the price of gas was a tad above $2.30 per. History shows those prices tend to drop in winter. Not a bad fuel outlook. (And how about the price of gold going over $1,000 an ounce for the first time ever? Looks like I’ll be resurrecting my underwater metal detecting hobby this winter.)

If you were thinking of heading down to Tuckerton today to look for some vintage fishing gear at the annual lakeside Swap Meet (same site as the decoy show), it has been canceled until tomorrow. There are some fair deals at this annual event. Mixed in among the 100 or so tables is a decent spattering of angling and hunting equipment, including some ducks decoys – though carvings aren’t a prime component of this swap meet.

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