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Saturday, October 22, 2011:

It’s that ages old conundrum: What came first, more fishermen or more weigh-ins? I say it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. The beaches, bay, inlets and ocean were packed with anglers. It was a full-blown fall angling scene. Discard the notion that the fishers weren’t going to return, post Irene.


There was a goodly showing of stripers at the scales today. In the Classic we had half a dozen (last count) weigh-ins, including a 37.31 caught this evening by Joe Romano of LBT. He caught it (per weigh-in info) in Holgate. Also outta Holgate was a 28-pounder taken by Mike Robey, Medford. Edwin (Edwin!) Youse, NC, took a 17. 50 on the South End. Of course, word has it that Mouse’s fish had a suicide note attached to it.


There was a boat tourney today. It  was mighty boat-busy in LEH, off the Sheepsheads and also out to the shoals. If you were part of that event, it, I’m interested in the winners. 


Surfcasting-wise, bunker has been the meat of choice. However, one weighin bass went for a kingfish head (a bait frequently used in other non-Jersey fishing locales) and another top fish bit on butterfish.


I can speak to the utter hooking excellence when using fresh butterfish, which has been taken by netters looking for big (bait) bunker. Mongo bluefish go nuts for butterfish. I usually get two chunks out of a good-sized butterfish, front and back. By the by, butterfish are remarkably good to eat. While they’re too small and boney for Americans, in Hawaii the Japanese cook them whole on hibachis and you can’t even believe the flavor. 

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