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Sat. Nov. 5, 2011: 


Ok, so maybe I blew it a bit. I had thought it would be a friendlier fishing day, instead the winds held their own for much of the day. However, a number of bass were caught by the limited number of folks willing to do serious time tossing heavy lead into the suds.

I always marvel over the question, "How mush does it take to hold?" Firstly, there ain't no holdin' when currents are crankin'. On the other hand, positioning one's self on the lee side of jetties is sure to offer an area of low-lead hold. But the main marvelor is the persistent rule that you have to hold hard and steady -- straight out -- to catch fish. Baloney. Allowing adequate casting weight to simply roll with the current and then settle into a hole -- even near the beach -- is fine for fishing the biggest of bass and (especially) blues. Admittedly, days like today beg a lot of attention paid to rod tips -- when not holding the rod. In fact, if ever there were ideal conditions for employing  a circle hook, tough-and-roll conditions shine. 

Got word of a major bass missed by Mark J. Boy, is that missed-fish mood an inconsolable condition, especially after spending a huge amount of time and bait awaiting a major fish, only to hook it long enough to feel line being torn off, then silence.  


Holgate update: Holgate is absolutely closed. The entrance is damn near irreparable. Something big-time needs to be done, no simply plowing up of nearby sand can fix what's ailing that area. In the above photo, you can see the washed out access, punctuated by concrete and rebar, along with rusting road sheathing used by the military to make an emergency road after the March Storm. Again, there is simply not enough nearby sand to sure-up the washouts. 


Below is the most alarming proof to date that the planet is reversing polarity. 






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