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Sat. July 10, 09 -- nice a.m. -- winds to follow

Saturday, July 11, 2009: Waves: Down to 3 feet; north groundswell. Winds: Light a.m. but beware of increase from south.

Ideal a.m. out there, sky-wise, though no wind for ocean fluke drift. Light winds work for fluking inside the bay but allowing drifts in narrower channels. Still plenty of small fluke near inlets. Got an interesting report from a surfside fluker who’s had some of the best beach fluking he can remember. “Not many keepers but it’s fun to have something to go after when nothing else is happening.” He’s using a combination GULP! strip and squid. Makes for long casts, though most of the pickups are right next to the beach, as beach fluke like to hang right at the drop-off where the shorebreak waves hit. Yes, fluke down sandcrabs – by the dozens -- as can occasionally be seen when cleaning a beach-based keeper fluke.

I had some more reports of very fun black seabass fishing on reefs and nearshore wrecks. Sounds good, though (being the chronic stock worrier of the family) the fishing pressure seems through the ceiling on these tasty wreck fish. As is often the case when anglers are in close proximity after similar fish, some folks think that undersized seabass are being kept. I’ll steer clear of that issue except to note (from the rule book) that when measuring a seabass you cannot include the filament that sometimes extends from their tails – though, truth be told, I sure don’t see that filament very often.

There really wasn’t much of a corresponding striper bite with the northeast winds of the past couple days. Bass were taken but at a typical summer pick, though a 20-pounder went for a Hopkins being thrown used seek out blues, early a.m.

Shark fishing is good to very good. Here’s a website out of Texas but has some very good info: http://www.tx-sharkfishing.com.

The state has (slightly) backed off the suggested limits on eating bluefish, based on PCB content of some (but not all) blues. It still comes down to something like a small portion a week.

By the by (important fact): When scientists test fish for chemical contents they do not use heads and innards, as is oft put forth by anglers. They actually buy portions, primarily filets, from “public sources,” including fish markets and groceries. The confusion arise when whole fish studies are done – often concurrently with filet studies – to determine contaminants ingested in nature by predatory or scavaging animals eating the entire fish. There is a bit of a flap over whether or not chemical analysis is done on fish sizes commonly taken by anglers, as opposed to fish size by commercial fishermen. Rutgers did a prime study on the matter a few years back. Led by biologist Joanna Burger, it was entitled “Do scientists and fishermen collect the same size fish? Possible implications for exposure assessment.” For that paper Google the words
“how do scientist test fish for chemicals” and click on the first link.

I got this email report sent to me via noreast.com. I sympathize but have long warned about having everything (!) secured when ‘yak fishing. I can’t count the number of identical tales I’ve heard.

“Location: New Jersey > Barnegat Inlet > Long Beach Island Lighthouse
Date: July 10, 2009 10:20 AM
Posted by: FishingFool
Method: Boat Went fishing on the kayak Thursday morning. I peddle out where I wanted to start fishing. Caught 3 fluke all short within 1/2 hour. The gulp bait I love it! I was calling it a day was drifting where I launched the kayak. I must have lean on the side of the kayak to much, the kayak tip over in I went! I kept my cool I was back on the kayak within a minute. But I did lose 1 rod, sunglasses,and my camera and cell phone got wet. I will be giving alot of reports from long beach island next week on vacation. I am not allow to bring the kayak so I will be fishing on the rocks stay tune.

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