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Gaggle-tooth shark, a.k.a sand tiger.

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Whadda ya mean I’ve been on YouTube too long? It’s educational. And I get to see more local shark footage than I’ve ever seen before.

Unfortunately, the shark that most interested me lately came via a fuzzy still photograph of a fiercely jawed seven-footer landed by the kayaker in Ocean City.

I heard all the hype about it being a thresher. It wasn’t. It seems that any shark with a tail fin is now, by default, a thresher.

I had a call or two asking what I pegged that shark to be. I gave “maybe” looks to suggestions of a dusky and such. I fully nixed the possibility of it being a mako. That kayaker would still be somewhere in the mid-Atlantic had it been a mako of that size.

Now that things have quieted, I can assure the hookup was a sand tiger, far more coolly known as a ragged-toothed shark. That later name is a perfect match to the awesome cutlery on the kayak-caught shark.  

No disrespect to either the angler or the shark but sand tigers are not huge on fight, though their steady dogged pull is quite respectable, very stingray like.

Which brings us the other recent footage of the shark “frenzy” feeding on bunker off IBSP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iar440qdupU.

Also initially called threshers, they sure seem to be black-tips or spinners, which have been confirmed in those waters in recent weeks.  However, during heated feeding frenzies, many sharks will go airborne, even those not inclined to do so regularly.

Which brings us back to … Do, a deer, a female deer. Fa, a long, long …

Too much sun today. It brings us back to LBI where I can assure we have more sharks off our beaches than we’ve had in maybe the past 40 summers.

The good news is most of the near-in species are placid – or simply don’t like humans, period. What’s more, they’re well fed. However, it could be interesting in September when many sharks start to fatten for migrations or winter. No, they won’t be attacking fishermen but I’ll bet they can make surf fishing very interesting.  In the past it has been, “Is it a bluefish or a bass?” This fall,  a screaming drag could be a whole other animal.

I’m seeing some pinfish being taken in crab traps. I’ll bet seining next month will turn up some amazing tropicals. Almost makes me want to resurrect my saltwater aquariums – perish the thought. Talk about work intensive.  

I can’t remember when so many people have been maxing out on fluke. I’m (likely needlessly) getting a bit concerned we’re way past our poundage.  Regardless, the surf zone fluking remains scalding, though I have to say it seems the big flatties are more to the south end of our fair island.


Oceanside B&T

Kris Kaczor and Doug fished at sun up around the shop's beaches! They got 22,21,20
And a 19 all on peanut bunker!!!! They also bluefish atound 16 to 17 inches! Awsome work guys

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