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Sat. Aug. 25, 12 Kinda wavy out there.

My favorite Swahili saying: "Don't insult the crocodile until you've crossed the river -- Or until you group-speared the sucker."

Saturday, August 25, 2012:

Well, there was a bit Of a fishing window this a.m. – before the easterly winds got a tad too assertive (by about 1 p.m.). I saw boats launching and heard of some fair fluking inside the inlets. Nobody was going real fa from port.

My v-ball people decided to fight the breezes and we had fun games on the sand of HC.

The waters, though 77 degrees when I took the temp, are very churned up, not just by winds but that groundswell that has been around all, week.


(Above: Astoundingly, these get-ups are used by Asians to avoid the stings of jellyfish now plaguing bathing beaches. 

Here’s a wave-related email: 

“…I have been wanting to write you to ask your take. The high tides are unbelievable. I can't find any swell forecast that comes even close to explaining it and I've never seen such a strange mismatch.”

(I began issuing building surf alerts via Facebook last week.

We have moon tides favorable to swell transport. Many folks don't realize it's actually a waxing gibbous moon phase {currently} that ushers in our largest surf -- not the full moon as is commonly thought.   

The waves we're seeing now are essentially the aftermath of a complex of storm systems out over the Atlantic. Now, the long-period swells are changing to short-period waves from onshore winds. 

As to that highly noticeable surge in the waves, that’s astronomical but likely enhanced by the already roiled ocean.

The best way to mark that surge effect is by noting how far the waves are coming across the beach at high tide – far further than one would think with the size of the swell. Essentially, the whole ocean is making a move toward the dunes. This is why it’s so catastrophic when a big storm aligns with one of these astronomically enhanced tidal phases.


BAD DIKE DAY: I had a not-so-hot trot last yesterday. I did the long haul out to the end of the Dike, with my little buddy J.R. I threw entire shebang into very nice-looking waters while J.R. obsessively looked for fox dens. Note to self: Never tell a kid there are foxes around; all thoughts of fishing flee.

Without exaggerating, I can’t recall the last time I was totally skunked out there. Even though I saw a fellow land a nice weakie as I headed out – he and a buddy were throwing small jigs into Myers Hole – I couldn’t draw a touch. I blame it on the above-mentioned high tides. I was at the end of the Dike at max high.


Allen L: “Hi Jay, When I was at Atlantic Beach ,NC earlier this year; they call our Kingfish...Sea Mullet* When the guy at the baitshop told me that all I pictured were huge mullet like they get in Florida I hear*Later after a return visit ,he showed me a pic and I said ,Oh ,that is what we call Kingfish up North. They primarily use shrimp for bait there also at 6.95 a lb.”


(Throughout Florida, they call them whiting, referring to southern kingfish. They don't call them "sea mullet" there due to their industry in large mullet (true mullet) -- much of it now banned. 

During my many Outer Banks trips, there were so many Jerseyans living or visiting there that we called kingfish "kingfish," letting the locals ("sea mullet" bandyiers) know we were nonlocals. 

In Florida, I got so tired of paying the equivalent of over $20.00 a pound for live shrimp (perfect for redfish and spec trout) that I got wise to night cast netting wild shrimp for bait. That lasted about one session. Oh, I got plenty of shrimp but if you've ever tasted a boiled fresh shrimp there is no redfish worth that. Even the smaller shrimp, commonly used for bait, are better than any lobster tail. 

I've oft written about the night I got a call from a netting buddy telling me to rush to a favorite net throwing bridge, Indian River, Brevard County. Some sort of insane shrimp spawn or migration was taking place. It lasted four nights. We scored huge shrimp -- by the orange basketful. I paid for my entire Florida trip -- and had enough left over to buy two custom built cast nets and a new metal detector.  

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