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Thursday, February 03, 2011:   A big tad chillier today. Still, it’s not all that bad. The forecast, however, is loaded down with bouts of rain/sleet/snow, as far as the forecasting eye can see. I do…

Thursday, February 03, 2011:


A big tad chillier today. Still, it’s not all that bad. The forecast, however, is loaded down with bouts of rain/sleet/snow, as far as the forecasting eye can see. I don’t see anything in the extreme. Knock on snow. 



CLASSIC CHATTER: Thinking way ahead to the running of the 57th Annual Long Beach Island Fall Surf Fishing Classic, a few changes have been made. In the bluefish category, the weekend prize is no more and the second-place daily price has been eliminated. The first-place daily prize will remain $35.

This is both an effort to place more emphasis on striped bass and also to free up some money for a costly move to more caps. Hey, those annual tourney caps are bigger than you might realize. There are even some cap-seekers who will pay the Classic’s entry just for the cap. And, man, is there royal hell to pay when the supply runs out before the late entrants get theirs.

I should note that every single year I’m among the many who warn, well ahead of time, that the hats are first come/first serve. They are essentially a way to get folks entering early.

However, a happy contestant is a happy angler so an effort is being made to significantly up the cap purchase so there’s a hat for one and all. 

I won’t get into dollars and cents but you’d be floored by the cost of buying, say, 800 caps. Yes, it gets shopped out for the best price. And, no, your cousin Angelo can’t get them at half that price, even if he is a “made man.” 

To reduce the added expense brought on by the hat count hike, the tournament is seeking a cap sponsor – or sponsors. A sponsor’s logo would go on the back of the cap – or possibly the sides, if more than one sponsor is found.


DEER ALERT: The white tails are seemingly on the ice-out move.

Per usual, Route 9 is a never-ending strike zone. As I wrote in my coyote blog, there is almost a kill a night between, say, Lacey Township and Bass River. However, there have been a slew of close calls – and at least a few strikes – on Route 72, from Pinewood Estates to the Parkway, especially in the vicinity of Fawn Lakes.

The strike seriousness factor gets turned up big notch on this 55 mph stretch. It’s bad enough that a deer strike to a vehicle can easily cost many thousands of dollars to repair, but the danger of injury and death is in the mix. When you’re moving at 60 or speedier, the threat to life and limb accelerates.

Across the nation, there have been numerous fatalities from deer strikes and accidents related to avoid deer. When a deer is hit while bounding, it can get knocked upwards and through the windshield. If you think “I just duck real fast” should that happen, you’ve obviously never hit a deer. Things can happen so frickin’ fast you ain’t got time to blink much less take personal evasive action.

Far more serious are accidents when motorists – sometimes with the entire family in-vehicle -- swerve off the road or into oncoming traffic to avoid a deer. Once again, the idea that “I’d never swerve like that” totally ignores those involuntary human reactions when something big suddenly jumps in front of a vehicle. In fact, if you think about it, swerving to avoid is fulfilling the need to protect those in the vehicle.

By the by, I personally know of numerous “unknown cause” fatal accidents taking place on Pinelands roads, where vehicles are found way off in the woods for seemingly no apparent reason. Falling asleep at the wheel is often the “likely/possible/probable cause. But, I have doubt that a goodly number of those are deer-related swerves. I say that based on the many motorists surviving such accidents.

Per usual, I have to add that it’s often the second or third deer bounding across the road that gets you – or, more accurately, you get. Also, a strike scenario that even a deer-cautious driver like myself can’t avoid, is at night when you’re moving at 55-ish and distant traffic is coming at you at the same speed. That in-between gap, as the glare from oncoming headlights makes it impossible to see a bounding deer, is where you haven’t got a prayer of avoidance or braking.


Radio news report: Fish Radio with Laine Welch] - February 3, 2011 -
For the first time ever, the U.S. government is advising all Americans, to eat seafood at least twice a week for heart and brain benefits. The advisory includes pregnant and breastfeeding women. On Tuesday the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services released new dietary guidelines as required by Congress every five years. 
The guidelines serve as the basis for federal nutrition policy .The new recommendations come at a time when one-third of all children and more than two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. 
The new guidelines call for eating at least eight ounces of seafood each week, which provide an average of 250 milligrams per day of omega 3's packed with EPA and DHA. The average American now eats about one serving of seafood a week or less. Health experts say Omega-3 deficiency is a leading dietary contributor to preventable deaths, mostly from heart disease.
What it means is new rules for meals served in U.S. prisons, military mess halls and school lunch rooms. Alaska pollock and canned salmon are included on the USDA food commodities list, giving them a foothold in the federal feeding programs. 
On a related front: Global fish consumption is on the rise, topping 37 pounds per person in 2009. It will continue to increase as more people recognize the health benefits, predicts the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization in its State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report. China is the world's biggest fish producer, mainly from aquaculture. Here's a heads up: The new US policy on expanding aquaculture at home is set to be released on Friday.

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