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Monday, October 11, 2010: The first biggish bass has been entered into the Classic. It was a south end fish and a way-after-dark hookup. Per the Classic home base: RYAN DELLANE, MANAHAWKIN, NJ, Stri…

Monday, October 11, 2010:

The first biggish bass has been entered into the Classic. It was a south end fish and a way-after-dark hookup. Per the Classic home base: RYAN DELLANE, MANAHAWKIN, NJ, Striped Bass, 31.25, Bunker, Holgate, 1:00 AM. There was another decent bass also taken about then, exactly there. It has some folks wondering if we might be getting back to the old days when bassing was often an after dark affair. That works so well for the working-class angler. With Daylight Savings expiring Nov 7, the night fishing concept will loom large for nearly half of the tourney, which ends Dec. 5.

I managed two small stripers today on vintage Red Fin plugs. I was near where the big bass was caught the night before. Both my fish were very thin and had small red sores. The blemishes looked different than the larger weeping welts we sometimes see on bass haling from the Chesapeake. Still, it’s not a good thing for fish to have any visible skin ailments. That’s because it’s seldom simply a skin infection. Most often it indicates some internal disease or immune weakness. Please drop me an email if you catch stripers showing skin problem. Remember: When being fought, bass often get skin abrasions from fishing line. Those are patches of redness, often from having scales radically ripped off.

Small blues are back, including the ones just big enough to keep for dining. Those tiny snappers are still out there in packs, clearing a hook of even large chunk baits in very short order. There were some cocktail blues, couple pounds, caught along the beachfront.

DERBY APPROACHES: One of the newer fall fishing traditions for LBI boat anglers is the annual Striped Bass Derby at the Sea Shell Resort and Beach Club.

This year marks the 14th running of this annual three-day contest, which has already become a heated competition among many if the best boat bassers hoping to parlay their fishing prowess into prize money and bragging rights. Many of the Derby contestants ply the dangerous shoals off the south end of LBI, in the vicinity of Beach Haven Inlet, a whitewater zone famed for trophy striped bass. Since the tourney is held regardless of weather, conditions can play a big part in where contestants set up to fish.

The Sea Shell Club’s Derby assumed something of an instant history when it took on the original name of the Island’s most famed surf fishing tournament, the Long Beach Island Striped Bass Derby. When that fall surfcasting classic, now sponsored by the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, dropped the words “Striped Bass Derby,” Sea Shell co-owner and Derby Coordinator Tom Hugh’s was granted the rights to carrying on the name’s honored tradition. The event sponsor took that very seriously. In its short history, it has brought big bass to the scales, fish that any contest would prize.

This years Derby will be held on the weekend of October 29th thru the 31st. Entry fee: $150.00 per boat for two anglers plus $50.00 for additional anglers. All prizes go to the boat captain. Entry fee includes 1 commemorative shirt per angler, entry to both cocktail parties, and entry to Sunday’s fish fry and awards party.

Details and sign-up forms are available online at http://www.seashelllbi.com/striped_bass_derby.php.

As has been the custom of the contest, all proceeds – above and beyond prize monies – are given to local charities. This will Southern Regional High School Marching Band, one of the finest in the nation, will be the recipient.

Another tasty Derby custom is all fish going to the event’s Sunday Fish Fry.

This year, all entrants are required to first register with the federal National Saltwater Angler Registry, part of the

Marine Recreational Information Program. That registration is easily and quickly done on-line at https://www.countmyfish.noaa.gov. That site offers information on some exceptions.

The Derby is a nearshore event, limited to inshore waters within 3 miles of the beach. The Harvey Cedars Lumps (GPS 39.40) marks the most northerly boundary with the South boundary marked by the clam boat wreck, near Wreck Inlet (GPS 74.20). The western bayside boundary is the Garden State Parkway.

Cash prizes for top ten heaviest fish

Special prize for junior angler and lady angler

Special drawings for donated gifts from various local businesses

Prize distribution 1st place: $2500 6th place: $600

2nd place: $1500 7th place: $550

3rd place: $1000 8th place: $450

4th place: $800 9th place: $350

5th place: $700 10th place: $300

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