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Sunday, June 20, 2010: Wind has become an issue – as has the heat. That has not kept fishing folks from heading out, as public launches saw. I had very few fishing reports of note – by the admission …

Sunday, June 20, 2010: Wind has become an issue – as has the heat. That has not kept fishing folks from heading out, as public launches saw. I had very few fishing reports of note – by the admission of those who had a spattering of fluke, blues and junkfish but few rages. I did get word of decent single bass or two or three on the North End. Piano man Paul P. had a couple fine stripers after a goodly amount of dedicated clam gobbing time up there. I also got word of a 20-pound bass taken at sunrise on a black Bomber, mid-Island.

Ocean water temps are toying with the mid-60s but are inclined to drop very quickly with a south blow, like today. This upwelling occurs much more quickly in spring and early summer since cold water is just slightly below the surface. Ocean water warming hereabouts is through solar heating not the Gulf Stream, as you’ll hear some people claim. A way to feel out bottom water temps is when unhooking an ocean fluke. They can be freezing cold to hold while unhooking.

Hot email: “Jay, Had a fair day fishing for fluke (LEH). We got the better fish by switching to jigs and hopping them. It takes a knack to hook them that way but my three keepers came to jigs while fluke rigs has way more fish. … Have any cures for a wicked sunburn. I used loads of lotion and my white skin still went pure red. It’s ugly …”

(It’s all damage control when, well, the damage is done.

I assure you I’m a bad-burn expert of the highest order. I’ve peeled my way through a lifetime of brutal pre-tan burns. You don’t want to see a face after it has been subjected to surfing 8 hours straight under a tropical sun – we’re talking skin fresh off a plane from wintertime N and into the Hawaii atmosphere.

Anyway, I promise you there is absolutely nothing better to heal sun-ravaged skin than Noxzema -- all but gobbed on if your skin can take it.No, the company doesn’t give me my own Hovercraft for endorsing them. If you doubt, try Noxzema on one side of a lobsterized face and other options on the other. You’ll be a full believer – albeit with an odd-looking half-and-half face.

Another seriously helpful thing for your blazing skin is to keep it watered down. Using a fine mister or one of those aerosol water applicators, just keep it damp. Repeat watering while watching TV. No you don’t get to go out that night, you’ll smell too much like Noxema – besides, everyone will get a chuckle at your glowing-face expense.

All that might sound very high-effort but I once read a study that a single bad sunburn can sow the ugly seeds of skin cancer. I believe that the more you help heal a burn the lower your chances of that wound – and a burn is a bad wound – will lead to skin cancer.

Obviously, prevention is the surest and safest way of fighting skin cancer. But, I have yet to find a sunburn protector – I don’t care if it’s SPF 1000 -- that can utterly protect lilywhite skin from a blazing ozone unencumbered summer sun.


Here’s a charter report.

Hello All,

Looks like our summer fluke bite is solidly underway, as things picked up quite a bit this past week. I was out three days this week and had solid fluke action each time.

On Monday, Debbie Hill brought her tech support team (Scott, Grant and James) out and we spent the morning sifting through a couple dozen flatties to put a few nice sized keepers in the box. Most of the action that day was in Double Creek, although the west side of the bay also provided some early morning action before the drift died out completely. I got out by myself for a couple of hours on Friday looking to try out some new teasers I've been tying, and absolutely bailed fluke every place I stopped. Again, most of the fish were short of the 18" minimum, but the action on ultralight tackle was incredible. Then yesterday I had George Selph back looking to get in on the action, and boxing 5 nice keepers of the 35-40 fish landed before the tide swung around and wind cranked up late morning.

Hopefully this fishing will continue well into the summer as it did last year, since bucktailing fluke with light tackle is about as much fun as it gets. These fish are gorging themselves on shrimp right now, and are aggressively hammering anything that looks like an easy meal. And while we're releasing a lot more fish than we're taking home, these aren't small fish by any means with the majority of the "shorts" coming close to the 18" minimum.

Lots of mid week dates still open over the next couple of weeks for anyone looking to get in on this fishery this year.

Until next week.

Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters


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