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Saturday, January 08, 2011: We gotta quit meeting like this. Talking snow is not mything. If fact, I’m an avowed no-snow person. Obviously, the skies are forcingme into hostile territory, very whiteh…

Saturday, January 08, 2011: We gotta quit meeting like this. Talking snow is not mything. If fact, I’m an avowed no-snow person. Obviously, the skies are forcingme into hostile territory, very whitehostile territory. While this fall-age is not even in the ballpark with theholiday blizzard, for me it’s a bit like still being shell-shocked and then havinga firecracker thrown at me.


I just took a 5-inch snow measurement (4 p.m.) and called it into the Weather Service. And that’svery accurate reading this snow-around. The white stuff came down fairlystraight, unlike the drift-crazed blizzard snows.


No, the forecasters hadn’t even been hinting of snow a mere36 hours prior to today’s whitening.


Now, we have to hold our collective breaths regarding thatutter meteorological mess now mustering in the Gulf area. That is the exactcrappiness that can quickly get its sh-tuff together and attack the EasternSeaboard as it powers northward. Fortunately, there isn’t nearly the looseenergy that led to the blizzard but that doesn’t mean it won’t carry a punch asit (possibly) moves up the coast. As always, any storm-age that moves over thewarmer ocean (off Hatteras) can explode in size and intensity. We’ll know a tonmore on Tuesday.


This current snow episode has Rte. 72 mighty slushed over,with mainly one-lane travel. Heading eastward, it’s the #1 slow lane that ismost snow-free, though that could ice over as temps drop. Yes, DOT is workingto get brine out there but that’s no guarantee thing won’t get insanelyslippery. There were a goodly number of side-turned and overturned vehiclesalong Rte 9, between Manahawkin and down to Absecon. At around 3 p.m. what looked to be a Jeep Cherokee (orrelated model) had gone on its side just past the last bridge, westbound, Rte.72. I have to wonder if that was yet another SUV’er thinking 4WD can handle snow-coveredroads. It can’t.


BIDDING MY TIME: I spent my day at another auction, this onein West Creek. Very fun stuff and very decent prices.


The vintage items taking the highest bids were those withlocal connections. I backed out of bidding on a collection of maybe a dozenphotos taken immediately after the March, 62 Storm. A couple very cool ones,including Morrison’s, were therein.  Thegrouping went for something like $70 but that’s deceptive. Had I stayed thebidding course, there’s no telling how high the other bidders might have gone.I’m thinking the person who won it wasn’t going home without those photos. Theprice could have doubled before either of us blinked.


Another local photo collection was a dozen or so shots ofthe Baldwin Hotel burning down. That went for $50.


The auction included tons and tons of camo, military andhunting stuff, so much that it had to be sold in huge lots – often going foronly ten bucks for a slew of jam-packed boxes.


Wonderful locally carved decoys were going for aridiculously low $50 each.


My killer win was a mint condition pair of Zeiss 10 x 40 binoculars.Yes, real Zeiss. For those who know the name, it speaks for itself. They weren’tcheap but way, way lower than even eBay. In fact, I could easily double mymoney immediately by placing them on eBay. Not gonna happen. I was using themoutback right before sitting down to write this blog and I have never seen suchamazing optics. Bird and wildlife watching is now going to be in a whole otherdimension for me. Those German lens makers have always led the world and thispair of binoculars was made during a particularly incredible crafting period.


I got three very antique fishing lures as part of a lot ofold bottles. Go figure. The box cost me $7.50 and just the one “winged” Heddonis worth twice that. Within that lot was this amazing 1880s “Laudanum” medicinebottle, with the label fully intact. In case you wonder why you don’t hear oflaudanum any longer, its common name was “Tincture of Opium.”

Hey, I told you guys you should check out that auction. Ieven gave you the website.

Highest priced sale of the day? Yep, my binocs. 

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