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Saturday, January 01, 2011: I went to a major auction today up in New Egypt. If you’ve never gone to an auction – don’t. I say that because I really don’t need anyone else bidding against me. Also, t…

Saturday, January 01, 2011: I went to a major auction today up in New Egypt. If you’ve never gone to an auction – don’t. I say that because I really don’t need
anyone else bidding against me. Also, there’s this auction madness that can
overtake anyone there, even though you’re committed to casually standing in the
audience, simply “watching, but getting magically drawn into the auction action
and fully immersed in a fierce bidding war where you’ll be double-damned if
that little moron and his prissy wife are going to outbid you on a gorgeous
“Occupied Japan” hand-painted compote, whatever in the hell that is.


In today’s auction I did touch the fishing realm. One of the cooler items of my day was a boxed very entry-level split bamboo fly rod out of (apparently) post-war Japan.
It has a brand name of Vicki – a very common Japanese name. Not serious. There
are still some visages of the Vicki fishing items. Mine is in fair shape but most
interesting because of all the unused doodads that came in the wooden case. Per
a mention in a website, these were sometime called “G.I. rods” because they
were first made for American soldiers.


My main “get” of the auction day were a couple Maxwell Parrish prints; “Morning” and “The Canyon.” They’re slightly trimmed – likely to clip off some acid or water damage – but still show the heart of Parrish’s
famed images. All his stuff is so dreamlike -- and also a big tad freaky.


Wanna take in a nearby auction? Check out the M & M ANTIQUE ENTERPRISES INC. auction on Jan 08. It’ll take place at the Eagleswood fire hall, 219 Railroad Avenue, West
Creek, starting at 10 a.m. See photos
of some of the things they’ll be auctioning at http://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/972655.html.
The photos ARE NOT the whole shebang. Many lots show up. Lots are just what
they sound like. Lots of stuff jammed into a single box. Lots are most often
where the “steals” hide. No, that doesn’t mean the stuff is hot, it means very
good things can lie hidden deep down. You steal the deal with very little
monetary output.  Quite a few nice
decoys, both working and show birds. Always best to bring cash or checks. Even
if credit cards are taken, you end up losing money when credit card fees are
added on.




This might be a real stupid question but I will risk ridicule and put it out there anyway. Sometimes when I go surfcasting, you, and some of the websites say that you're gonna need10 ounces to hold. I typically
don’t carry any sinkers heavier than 5 ozs. My question is: If I clip on 2- 5oz
sinkers to my fishfinder rig, is it as good as one 10oz sinker???? Suppose the
two fives are a few inches away from each other like on a hi lo rig, then
what???  J.E.)


(It isn’t a stupid question since it involves math, which is known to be a very unstupimatic thing.

So, do two fives really make a right? Mathematically speaking, yes. But mathematicians don’t fish. OK, so maybe some of them do but generally they, as a whole, just sit around wearing thick-rimmed glasses and
ridiculing anyone who can’t do their own tax returns. 

As for math versus a ripping nor’easter side-current, the numbers just don’t add up the way old four-eyes would like us to think. Two five-ounce sinkers simply don’t bury
as well as a single ten-ouncer. Bury
is another world for hold – except,
I’m thinking, in the undertaking realm.

Two side-by-side sinkers, regardless of how well they bond, roll way worse than a solitary ten-er. In fact, one five might finally manage to hold but its wayward buddy will pull it out so it can get hold, only to have
its pissed off buddy pull it out – and so on, all the way down the beach and
right up onto the sand where you can’t catch s***. The further off they are,
the more they play leapfrog.


I might also note that other anglers openly balk at anyone redneck enough to buddy up two sinkers on a single rig. I’m not 100 percent sure but I think IGFA will permanently revoke your membership if there is
photographic evidence that you forced two or more sinkers onto a single swivel
by bending the clip. J-mann) 

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