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    Tuesday, January 04, 2011:   Damn decent day out there despite the brisk winds. For me, the snow on the mainland is perfect for tracking, though it’s tough to separate tracks left yesterday from …



Tuesday, January 04, 2011:


Damn decent day out there despite the brisk winds. For me, the snow on the mainland is perfect for tracking, though it’s tough to separate tracks left yesterday from those left today. Still, I think I’ll target that
coyote I wrote about in here a short while back. If I can’t find the freshest
of tracks, I’ll still surely be able to confirm it is being fed – or is just
opportunistically feeding – at the near housing development.


By the by, like so many animals in that area (deer, raccoons, many more), coyotes know how to perfectly tap the Forsythe Refuge and its off-limits- to humanity terrain. Sure, the refuge allows some hunting but
generally the boundaries are as far as humans can go. How the animals figure
this out, short of reading the signs, is pretty much an amazing read of where
human scents -- and human shotgun fire – suddenly end. Of course, there is also
the geographical factor that the refuge purchases only the most appealing
properties, in terms of wetlands, marshlands, marine forest and bay areas. It
would surely be appealing real estate even if it didn’t have “No Trespassing”
signs. And, yes, this is an indication I faithfully obey that signage.


On to politics. Thanks to Jim Hutchison, JR, for getting back to me on that bump in the road for the “Free License” proposed legislation. Here’s the details, as emailed me:

“The Senate Bill (S1122) passed unanimously out of the Senate, but was modified slightly in the Environment Committee to keep the integrity of New Jersey’s
long-established Fish & Game Code (Section 82 of P.L.1979).  The Assembly version (A823) which passed in
March now has to be tweaked slightly to match precisely what was passed out of
the Senate in order for both bills to be signed into law.  It’s a simple procedural vote to match A823
up to S1122 which New Jersey’s angling community helped get passed through
Environment Committee, Budget Committee, and ultimately the Senate itself.  We’ve been told by officials in Trenton
that the bills are expected to be on the Governor’s desk for signature by
Thursday, January 6.”


That sure seems like N.J. is going to have freedom for all to fish. That “freedom” is free but not a home free. All anglers fishing N.J. marine water will need to register -- and
accept the possibly of being called at home or greeted at the docks to give
data about fishing success or failure.


I’ve talked numerous times with the folks behind the registration and they are fully fine with the “free” concept. It’s all the same to them, as long as every angler is registered to get a true scientific read on the angling
pressure impacting the fish biomasses.


As I’ve written in here before – and it’s a perfect time to reinsert – it is very best to actually give absolutely true data. Lie and say you didn’t get fish when you did, red flags go up for management because the fish
don’t seem to be out there. Lie and say you got more fish than you did, then
the fishing success will seem inflated and red flags will go up for management.
True information will, in fact, best protect fishing. It’s true – and that’s
not some shady PR on the part of a fish conservationist like myself. Though
I’ll still sophomorically allege that the healthier the fish stocks the better
the fishing for one and all.  




The Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic Committee met recently and established dates for the 2011 Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce’s LBI Surf Fishing Classic: October 8 through December 4. The event’s
hugely popular Surf Fishing Seminar will be held opening day, October 8.


Those involved with the shop-based Spring Simply Bassin’ Tournament set that event’s dates: May 7 through June 26. Simply Bassin’ is supported by the Chamber but is run by the participating shops.


The meeting took note of a decline in sign-ups but wasn’t overly concerned considering the economy. I’m hoping the amazing showing of stripers this year will get some holdouts back into the event for fall 2011.


Here’s a quick look at entrant numbers in recent years:


2004    1096


2005    969


2006    980


2007    981


2008    894


2009    852


2010    798.


Again, that is likely as much an economic factor as anything else. However, the event may take a slight shift away from bluefish prizes for this year’s event, taking away the daily second-place prize – likely keeping
the rest of the prize structure as it is.



Fun email from always observant Ron K.:



“Jay, It wasn't until I put together todays blog with the positive comments 
yesterday about S Palin that i understood what you are getting at.
If we vote for her as our next pres, the Magnuson Act is dead, hunting
and fishing will be wide open, small government won't have room for
such trivialities as fishing permits or money to pay for park rangers
and such. No need to spend money on handouts spelling out minimum sizes.
Brilliant! Ron”

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