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Oct. 4, 2012: p.m. updates -- Drained lake video; bluefish won't stop; Mullet 101 video


The plug used to catch my blues today began with a blue mirror finish. Check it out after just eight blues -- and way more hits.

Some mulleting 101 observations: http://youtu.be/meLDqyW9Kj8

Oct. 4, 2012: p.m. updates

I went over to check the recently drained freshwater fishing lake off Rte. 72 in Manahawkin. What a stench, both physically and attitudinally. 

It's all over for that body of water -- at least for the astounding bass and such that lived there.  

In the following video, you meet Chris, who alerted me to the fiasco. He had fished that lake his entire life. His uncle is a fellow I had written about who took a 10-pound bucketmouth from this now-former lake. He released it after confirmation. I don't care what they do to re-fill and re-stock this lake, that Bubba bass genetic line now rots in the putrid mud  -- sleeps with the dead fishes. 

I can't believe there wasn't some better, more humane way to handle the life that was thriving in these waters. It's a typical quick-fix sloppiness. Humans are annoyed with flooding so nature suffers. And there's no guarantee that the transferring of the flood water to the other side of 72 will do anything more than shift the flooding problem over to the undeveloped, i.e. natural, side of the highway. I went over there and just the filth from the drained lake is attacking that wooded ecosystem.

Chris said he called the DEP hotline and folks there -- likely truly clueless PR people -- just gave him some party line about the fish coming back someday.  Hey, the next time drain the people. "Don't worry, they'll come back someday."



Hit Holgate and within one cast it was back to tailoring. A number of anglers were doing the fish-per-cast with bait. Though I only had a fish every other cast, mine were surface slams, very cool. I kept maybe ten for jerky. 

Had an email asking about the tailor term and I have to think it's the way each fish looks tailor-made, identical to a T.

Those jumbo kingfish are making the day for many anglers targeting them.  It seems they'll be here for the weekend -- so folks can fish both small and large. Small for tasty panfish and large for the Classic. 

By the by, there are now some 20-pound bass being taken in the LBI suds, mainly north. Could be interesting for the opening weekend of the 8-week tourney. 


I'd make jerky from this fish but I'm not sure what I'd call it.



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