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Oct 3, 2012: Late report.: Wanted plug video; small netted pompano video.

Oct 3, 2012: Late report.

Did an afternoon in Holgate. Hit the Rip first and those 2-pound blues were back in place, seemingly taking deli-type numbers to go after my plug. Speaking of plugs,, here's that killer Red Fin in weird colors. If you have any to sell or trade, let me know. http://youtu.be/OYR--dLDWB8


Of note is the first significant showing of spearing. Expectedly, snapper blues are moving in with them. These are the very small snapper, too small to matter, fight-wise. 

The back cut in Holgate had loads of mullet and just as many of those spearing, Oddly, the spearing were pinned up against the far bank of the cut, against the little island out there. They were being unmercifully attacked. While I figured it was snappers after them, I thought I also heard some slurps. Those familiar sounds were confirmed when folks began catching weakfish right at dark. Weakies love spearing -- and, obviously, mullet, since that's what they were being caught on.


Made a short instructional on ID'ing a small netted pompano.  http://youtu.be/VbQNNIWSmhY



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