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The NE wind roughed up the ocean and sparked a bass and bluefish bite.

While striper size is down from last week’s push of trophy fish, the potential is rising for a couple/few better bass.

Newsbreak: The 3rd 50-pound-plus bass has landed on the Classic leaderboard. Wow. Per Margaret: Joe Kovacs took a 51-3 bass on November 4th in Beach Haven surf on bunker. Joe is from Lumberton, N.J.

(Congrats to Joe for becoming a member of the Surfside 50-pounder Club – sorry, boat 50s ain’t permitted in this exclusive angling association. Hey, maybe I’ll get some hats made up. Anyone up for it? Maybe $15 buck a pop. And only folks with documented 50-pounders in the suds can apply? Shop or tournament documentation is acceptable. Oh, am I going to hear it from the catch-and-release guys. )

I won’t go into the whole song and dance about the huge size of stripers in this tourney except to say it might not be over yet. Even though we’re getting close to schoolie crossover time, when hordes of school stripers inundate the larger rogue bass, that doesn’t necessarily mean the trophy cows will exit, they’re just tough to target amid the masses. What’s more, the overall size of schoolies is going up, so there might be 30-pounders hanging within the populated packs.

While I had already guessed it might be a big year for trophy stripers, I’m also openly wondering if the fewness of bluefish has made surfside eating far more comfortable for bass. They both compete heavily for resources and I still have to think that large schools of ravenous blues make bass very nervous. Even bass to large to be taken by slammers have to reflect back on younger days when roving bluefish gangs presented life-and-death hazards. And, yes, there were a few blues also taken during the NE onshore winds but absolutely nothing resembling what we usually see this time of year.

Chunk baits are now the main dinner bell. Live baits are tougher to work with in the suds, though good old eels are making a bit of a comeback. The weekend will see a quiet down of the winds and surfside surge.

News wires:

November 5, 2010 - The Young's and Findus Group 'Fish for Life' sustainable sourcing approach has won its seventh major award in three years, yesterday taking the ‘Land, Water and Ecology' prize in the prestigious 2010 Green Business Awards.

On the same evening - and at a separate ceremony - the quality of manufacturing and environmental improvement at Young's factories in Grimsby were recognised in the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards - winning the Seafood category.

Leendert den Hollander, Managing Director of Findus Group UK and Ireland, says: 'Naturally we are delighted and proud to have received two such important accolades in one evening! The Food Manufacture award is testament to all the hard work which has ensured that our operation in Grimsby is one of the most efficient and effective manufacturing centres in our whole European business. And the fact that Fish for Life has been recognised again suggests that it is now one of the most important sustainability programmes of its type in the world.'

The Food Manufacture Award was made for operational excellence and a continuing commitment to environmental improvement by Young's at its Grimsby-based manufacturing centre. The judges were particularly impressed with a continuing commitment to ‘remaining a leader in world class standards of production' and said that in terms of cutting costs and raising efficiency, Young's was a ‘long way ahead of the rest'.

Fish for Life is a consumer guarantee that all the fish in the Young's and Findus retail brands is sustainable. It includes an audit mechanism to ensure the responsible sourcing of both farmed and wild seafood as well as a broad range of initiatives to drive improvement in fisheries management through a programme of engagement with suppliers, scientists, industry bodies and NGOs.

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