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Nov. 27, 09 -- West winds arrive with vengence

(Above) Kirby's catch Holgate: Friday, November 27, 2009: Well, the cold-season west winds have arrived and will exert themselves to the tune of near gales. It’ll feel chilly due mainly to our lack of acclimatizing. Still, we won’t be getting any where near freezing on the Island. With the holiday weekend aligning with the blow, there will be more than a few wind-burned faces by tomorrow evening. I’m looking for something resembling an actual low tide, something we have barely reached this entire fall. As for an actual blowout tide, suitable for clamming, it’s beyond typical that it’ll show on a no-clamming Sunday, followed by another low pressure system. I’ve gotten some fun reports of fine bass being taken by the more patient anglers. The largest I’ve heard of from the surf is the 20-pounds zone. Boat bassing is trying to rediscover the bass burst seen last week. This wind will wound that effort. Here’s a stripers forever fundraiser – and membership drive. Read the site and join the team. ((((((((((((((()))))))))))))) Stripers Forever members - to help with the expenses we incur advocating for our Massachusetts game fish bill, as well as our general operating expenses, we are auctioning off the three great pieces of artwork described in this link to our website. Bidding instructions are on the sheets - (you'll see the current bid on the bottom) and email us your bid. We update the bids as rapidly as possible. Insured delivery is donated to SF, so there will be no shipping cost. There will be a committee hearing for our MA game fish bill in January. Over 70,000 large, breeding size stripers die every year in MA, which has the largest commercial quota of any coastal state, and MA has been among the most zealous supporters of commercial fishing for striped bass at the ASMFC. Please support our efforts to have Massachusetts join the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut in making striped bass a game fish. If you would like to send a check of any amount to support our efforts to make striped bass a game fish – lobbyists and staff run to thousands of dollars a month – please send it to Stripers Forever - PO Box 2781, South Portland, ME 04116-2781 Thank you - Brad Burns P.S. I would like to very quickly remind everyone that SF benefits from the efforts of a dedicated core of life-long fishermen who believe strongly in maintaining a high quality striped bass fishery for the fishing public to enjoy. We see commercial fishing and its effects on the management process as the greatest stumbling block to attaining that goal. Thousands of hours of effort and many thousands of dollars have been donated by these people, who receive no recognition or reward other than the conviction that when we are finally successful, the public will be one step closer to having the great striped bass fishery it deserves. ((((((((((((()))))))))) Business Wire] - November 25, 2009 - WASHINGTON, Oceana will launch a new six-figure advertising campaign on December 1, designed to influence policy makers arriving in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15), December 7--18, 2009. The advertising campaign will highlight the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 350 parts per million (ppm) to avert a mass extinction of corals and likely declines in the countless marine species that depend upon them, this century. To protect popular food species, such as oysters and lobster, and the economies that depend upon them, we will need to reach the goal of 350 ppm. The new advertising campaign includes three executions of a design based on the message: 'The Price of Lobster in 2050: 350 parts per million.' It will also include two additional variations: 'The Price of Oysters' and 'The Price of a Dive Vacation,' also with the 350 parts per million theme. The message will be delivered via posters at Copenhagen International Airport, ads on subway trains running between the airport, downtown Copenhagen and the Bella Center (the central conference location), films displayed on subway station platforms, and a jumbo board strategically located along the main highway headed toward the conference site. Advertising designs were executed by UK-based agency Propaganda. 'With emissions already at 385 ppm,' said Jacqueline Savitz, senior campaign director with Oceana, 'we want to be clear about what is required to save an important source of food, income and recreation for the world's population.' The Oceana campaign will incorporate both advertising and media relations to reach policy makers and influencers before, during and after the COP 15 gathering. Savitz explained, 'Oceana's goal is to highlight what's at stake if we fail to achieve major carbon reductions through an agreement at Copenhagen. We hope these ads will remind policy-makers that climate change will severely alter the oceans, which will affect all of us. It's about whether we will have healthy oceans and ocean-based economies 40 years from now -- or whether we will say goodbye to treats like lobster and oysters in our lifetime.' In addition to the ad campaign, Oceana will release new information that identifies which nations' economies and lifestyles are most vulnerable to ocean acidification.

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