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Location: New Jersey > Shark River/Manasquan Inlet > Offshore seabassing on the Big Jamaica: ice cold skies, red hot wrecking!!!!!!
Date: January 25, 2013 8:54 PM 
Posted by: fishhead1985 
Method: Boat 

When it comes to offshore seabass, two weeks is, for me, a very long time. That is exactly how long it had been since my last trip, until today. In a way, I am almost embarrassed to say that, although I've been on many offshore seabass trips, I'd never done one with the family that started it all.

That is, also, until today, when I took an offshore trip on the Big Jamaica out of Brielle, NJ. The 125' boat proved itself perfect for handling the nautical and frigid conditions that awaited us on the way out to the wrecks. When we got there, after a five hour ride, smoke was spewing from the 53 degree water because the air was a frigid 20 something and yes, we did have some flurries (obviously, when we get back, I had to drive back in quite a bit of snow).

Ice cold though the air was, the fishing was red hot; savage would be the proper way to describe it. It was basically two stop shopping; seven hours at the first wreck and two at the next stop. Both were packed with huge, hungry, and feisty giant seabass, colossal porgies and, of course, bluefish. It was basically a matter of "drop your bait; count to three; strike!" I had six or seven seabass double headers during the day, almost as many porgy double headers, mixed doubles, and scored a porgy triple.

Suffice to say, my wrists are killing me! I had no problem getting my 15 fish limit on seabass from three to five pounds and my 20 fish limit on porgies from 14 to 18," after which I had tons of fun playing catch and release; also had a half dozen blues. The pool winner was a seven pound pollock and I had my first pollock, too; just a schoolie that was released.

In terms of pure action, this was probably one of the best trips that I've ever been a part of. I used both a hi lo 6/0 jellyworm rig and a 3 hook 4/0 rig, because porgies, though closed in New York, are very much open in the Garden State. Both worked equally well for me.

Including the many keeper seabass and porgies that I released, I lost count of the number of fish that I caught, and most others around the boat enjoyed similar results. Just as well, it turned out to be a gorgeous day for January...but even if it hadn't, we would have made the best of it and, yes, I think we would have caught fish, too.

Thanks again to the legendary Howard Bogan and crew. The two week wait was well worth it! 

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