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MY FIRST UFO COVERUP ASSIGNMENT -- The Truth is out there. In the waters off Spray Beach?


Sky Incident at Spray Beach 

I want to share -- I can’t allow this to fade into a coverup sunset. Please read on since this is the closest we might get to a UFO sighting – at least to date. As you know, the world seems to think UFO sightings have taken off.

The nothing-less-than-amazing response by emergency personnel, from federal to local levels, quickly led to a suspiciously convenient conclusion that the initial call-in of a plane – or something of the sort – going down off Spray Beach was “unfounded,” even a bit hoaxish, despite the 911 caller being willing to leave his name and contact number. That’s inconsistent with a hoax.

For me, odd info has materialized since the search for debris was abandoned. Importantly, a handful of folks saw the generally dark round object of interest prior to it making what I’ll militaristically call splashdown, since that’s the term the Navy used in the Pacific when a similar object of interest went from hovering to ocean impact in under one second.

Hallucination? As noted, there were other folks, besides the call-in, who clearly saw a whatever in the sky – possibly with diamonds since one person allegedly reported it had a sparkle to it.

Adding more intrigue to what has become my very own covert UFO investigation, I’m told that a fellow with a “nice video camera” thought enough of the airborne object to record it. Things have since gotten so out there, I’m surreptitiously dubbing him Videoman.  

Unsecret message: Please, Videoman, contact me. I can assure you anonymity and will even offer entry-level witness protection, via a hand drawn map of some of my secret campsites in the Pines.

Oh, but don’t leave on that note. There’s much more gang.

So, I get this call from a nice gal whose daughter went very investigative regarding the sky object. Talk about getting me going. The daughter painstakingly grabbed an image from a real-time surf video cam (Surfline) located on a Spray Beach rooftop – the rooftop of the gal who called me! 

Now, don’t balk at the low quality of this screen-grab image. It is only meant to prove there was absolutely something a-sky. I’ve done all I can to enhance the look to no avail. Nonetheless, it disproves assertions and implications there was nothing out there.

Prior to getting this image, I believed the initial report was real, but thought it might have been a pelican. Quit your giggling. I was among those who saw the arrival of early-season pelicans last week, flying north, over the ocean, right about where this controversial whatever was spotted. You have to agree that a pelican often hovers, seemingly motionless, before totally plunging into the ocean. To the untrained eye, it could look like, say, a glider, which was exactly what the 9-11 call-in suggested.

Well, gang, that theory was blown sky high when I clicked on this photo. That ain’t no pelican, Mulligan Man. Though thoroughly blurry, it is nonetheless solid. While it presents as rounded, any number of shapes can show as round when out of focus.

To repeat myself, this initial look – begging to get more -- need only serve as proof of a UFO, realizing full-well the term is generically applicable to anything in the air that hasn’t yet been identified. Of note, the military, likely to distance itself from the UFO craziness, is now inclined to encapsulate the entire sighting syndrome by labeling it unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

Having quite recently written intensely on UFO watching on LBI, I’ll surely become a suspect, being erroneously seen as capable of manning the joystick of a large, rounded drone -- to crash down in Spray Beach for one helluva response. Uh, a drone like that would be in the $5,000-plus range. If that doesn’t exonerate me, nothing will.  

I’m staying on this, despite the hazards. In fact, I can’t help but notice there is suddenly a huge black Suburban -- with blurred tags and blacked out windows -- parked across the street from my truck at work. How old is Tommy Lee Jones now?

(Photos: Exact time of the Sky Incident at Spray Beach 

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