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Melia Olson with one of her many fluke.


Monday, June 18, 2012: Very nice conditions out there – as I hear the moans of people stuck at work or way off on the mainland somewhere. The wind has dropped to zero, pure glass out there. In fact, if it weren’t for tides there wouldn’t be a drift to be had.


The beach has bass. Nothing huge but fairly frequent. Clams are working. Bunker a little less so. Still, spike two rods with mixed offerings and you’re likely going to see some takedowns.


Now we await the fierce heat-up. ‘m not ready even though we’re now well into the season of swelters. This batch of cool air is going to make the soup feel that much stickier. Abd the frickin’ air conditioner on my truck blew out.


It’s finally ideal for plugging. No foulhooking grasses – or syringes. I’m still pissed over that wash-up, originating up near Sandy Hook.


Though I don’t believe the info below is related to our wash-up event, it does show that officials do get on this s*** very quickly. I’d like to think it’s because of an abiding love of the ecology but it’s far more aligned with the fact our coastal economy is worth billion$ a summer.

 The 2012 Helicopter Monitoring Program Began on May 26. 


The New York/New Jersey Harbor Complex was monitored for floatables eleven times from May 26 – June 8.  The Harbor was clear of significant floatables on May 26, 28, 30, June 1. The floatable flight was not conducted on June 8 due to mechanical problems with the helicopter.  On June 8, due to the full moon, the Army Corps of Engineers vessels were out at designated areas for cleanup as necessary.

On May 29, a slick, approximately 1200 feet long was reported in Gravesend Bay.

On May 31, two slicks were reported in the Upper Harbor, each approximately 100 - 200 feet in length.  

On June 2, a slick, approximately 1500 feet long with varying widths was reported in the Upper Harbor.

On June 4, a slick approximately 700 feet long was reported in Newark Bay.  

On June 5, a slick approximately 200 feet in length was reported in Newark Bay.  A slick, approximately 600 feet long, was reported in the Upper Harbor.  

On June 6, a slick approximately 400 feet long and 5 to 50 feet wide was reported in Newark Bay.   A slick, approximately 600 feet long was reported in the Upper Harbor.  A slick, approximately 400 feet long by 5-10 feet wide slick was reported in Gravesend Bay.  

On June 7, a slick approximately 200 feet long and 5 to 20 feet wide was reported in the Kill Van Kull.  

All floatable debris consisted of wood, paper, plastic, or rubber, were reported to the Army Corps of Engineers, and cleanup was conducted as necessary.

Helen Grebe   
Regional Coastal Monitoring Coordinator     
USEPA Region 2 MS220 
Monitoring Operations Section     
2890 Woodbridge Ave 
Edison, NJ 08837   
phone:  732-321-6797     
fax:  732-321-6616          


Pro report I have been real busy the last three days netting fluke.  The tally for all three days was over 100 flatties with about 1 in 15 making it into the cooler.  Action was consistent as long as tide was moving and I fished currents that worked in my favor.  Here is  a picture of Melia Olson with one of her many fluke.  This hot fluke action should take us through the summer.  With school out I am running trips throughout the week and on weekends.  For those staying on LBI remember you can conveniently be picked up at Bobbies in Barnegat Light. Screaming drags, Capt. Alex LightHouseSportfishing.com

Barnegat, NJ




Hey, Oceanside Bait and Tackle is offering kids seining/fishing/crabbing classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It looks like a super-fun thing. Registration is a must and preregistration helps to assure a spot. Give Val a holler at 609-0361-9800 or zip over to http://www.oceansidebt.com/.


Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo Returns to
FirstEnergy Park in September


Manasquan, NJ – The 4th Annual Fall Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo will take place at FirstEnergy Park, home of the Lakewood BlueClaws, Lakewood NJ on September 21-23, 2012. This boating sales event will feature new and pre-owned boats and accessories for sale by local marine retailers including new 2013 models.

The event is organized by the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey (MTA/NJ) and focuses on affordability and convenient for both the consumer and exhibitor with a low cost to attend and participate as an exhibitor. At the 2011 fall show, more than 200 new and pre-owned boats were on sale offering a wide selection of models from 20 dealers representing 42 different manufacturers with great end of the season opportunities and pricing for consumers.

Additionally, hundreds of different types of products and services were available in the Boater’s Marketplace. The 2012 Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo plans to deliver an even bigger show with more boats, accessories and events for everyone that attends.

Details on this event are available at JerseyBoatExpo.com. All proceeds from this event will go back to the Association to support its efforts to promote, protect and advance the recreational boating industry in New Jersey.





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