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Monday, June 11, 2012:

Wow, what a difference a day makes. In fact, what a difference a few hours make. The winds have accelerated like those nitro-burning funny cars. Ok, so maybe it didn’t arrive quite that fast, but we have gone from near flat ocean conditions at sunrise to a solid 4 feet and building wind swell. 


While the easterly flow has reinforced that mild 70-degree ocean water, it has utterly ushered in the eelgrass. I’m talking waves’ worth of fairly fresh, greenish grass. It’s now (4 pm) layering at the high wave marks on the beach. I can’t imagine any surf fishing at all where the grass is arriving. It would also piss off boat intakes but I can’t see any small or medium craft contending with this wind.


The good thing is the winds will lie down by midnight, though I doubt the grass will retreat as quickly.


Look for an very fishing-friendly “maritime” weather pattern, hanging off New England to impact our weather for many days to come. While this set-up can offer some brisk NE winds early on, it often leads to lighter winds in the long run – which could be clean through this coming weekend. It is surely bass weather.


I have gotten even more rave reports of large fluke. I really think it’s because of the ideal match-up between bayside water and the ocean’s twice-daily influx of cooler water. The convergence zones are where much of the better hooking is. However, that watery interplay can go well into the bay with incoming tide. In Barnegat Bay, it can extend from Barnegat Inlet all the way over to 42, BB, BI.


Bassing must be better than some of the lame reports I’ve gotten. I look on Facebook and see tons of folks hoisting nice keeper/eater fish. That’s mainly boat action.


A buddy who “smokes” bluefish – though his technique is far closer to making bluefish jerky (a favorite of mine) – has been loading up with “prefect sized’ cocktail blues. “They’re typically a little skinny but the filets are a perfect thickness for an even smoking,” he said. He’s currently doing over 40 pounds worth. He even has a fish dealer who wants to buy all of it – and any more that arrives.


Bob and Jeff Barnhart Spencer Canyon  



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