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Monday, June 05, 2017: Boy did it hit the crappy skids quickly today ...

Asian carp fishing just keeps getting more and more competitive ... 

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"Hold up, guys! Uh, let me explain something about canoeing ... conceptually speaking."

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A touch of selfie history ... In case you kids think you made it up.

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And when impressing your kid sister with your casting skills ... Well, see if you can see any problem here.

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(I had snidely mentioned in a blog to get the best fluking go up to IBSP. I was fully referring to the in justice seen below, whereby surfcasters up there, after having the better bass catching, even get this 16-inch perk. No hard feelings though, right? Welcome to LBI's chopped-liver surfcasting community.)

The NJ Marine Fisheries Council  On May 18, 2017, NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin approved the following measures for NJ's recreational summer flounder fishery:

NJ Coastal Waters
18-inch minimum
May 25 through September 5
Delaware Bay and tributaries
17-inch minimum
May 25 through September 5
Island Beach State Park (Shore Mode only)
16-inch minimum
May 25 through September 5


Monday, June 05, 2017: Boy did it hit the crappy skids quickly today. If you left nicely tanned from the weekend, fear not that you’re missing the rays today.

What was supposed to have been off-and-on showers must have had the handle break off in its hand. It came down mighty steady for a big chunk of the day. Of course, days are now so long that there might be a back-off moment, enough time for me to get out and plug a bit.

Not that it’s possible to get a thorough read on fishermen’s thinking, but the fluke rules as they now illegally stand are going over well with many of the flattie-seekers I’ve run into. There’s a goodly load of keeper-sized fish, lacking an overabundance of shorts. However, the shorts are coming, soon, with a vengeance. Once the bay warms, it will surely bounce over to a one-in-10 pick. But we’re still in the spring mode, so enjoy.

There are large drumfish in the Little Egg westward zone. Flukers dragging bait and using noncurved hooks are finding them as bycatch.

Weakfishing was kind to a number of folks this weekend. While one keepable weakie isn’t much of an allowance, I would still like to see a full-blown catch-and-release mode assumed during spring with this terribly troubled fishery. I know that won’t be happening. Weakfish are next to only fluke as keeper meat.

Regarding the massive-bellied striped bass seen in here yesterday, it might have been a bust-out answer to “Where have all the weakfish gone … linesides passing?”

It’s dangerous to even bring up in my striper-living region, but such weakfish gluttony by stripers is nothing new. They eat anything … and in abundance. Mother the bass and you become a mutha for other species, those lacking equal love on conservation’s part.

The day could come when striper hookups become as monotonous as hooking into blitzing bluefish. Oops, I didn’t say that. I was like, uh, quoting some other body -- though the concept of our being able to keep smaller bass as a form of holistic conservation could sit decently with many bassers -- as opposed to openly accepting the belief that saving all fisheries, in a simultaneous manner, is the proper way to go -- sans abject favoritism of a few choice species. 


Tractor-trailer Spills Load of Lobsters onto Highway in Nova Scotia

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Canadian Press
] - June 5, 2017

PORT MOUTON, N.S. — Lobsters were strewn across a highway in Nova Scotia after a tractor-trailer lost its load in a crash on the province's south shore.

A truck carrying live lobsters crashed near Port Mouton at around 1 a.m. Saturday while trying to swerve away from an animal on Highway 103, said the RCMP.

Police said the driver was taken to hospital and later released.

Cpl. Andrew Joyce wouldn't say how big the load was, but said the cargo was "high value."

Lobsters spilled across the crash site, shutting down a lane for hours during the investigation and cleanup, Joyce said.

"It was pretty amazing how much lobster there was," said Vicki Grant, who drove past the scene about 12 hours after the crash on Saturday afternoon. "There were crates all over, and it was pretty well carpeted."

Police said bystanders were told not to take lobsters from the scene, but Grant said that didn't stop people from ransacking the wreckage, some filling bags with discarded seafood delicacies.

Grant said she saw about 20 people scouring deep into the ditch to find the freshest-looking lobsters, many having died in the hours after the crash.

Some of the red, fat lobsters looked tempting, said Grant, but she couldn't get over the "fishy" smell.

"I don't blame anybody for taking it. It would have just gone to waste," Grant said. "But I wasn't about to scramble down the ditch to get some ... If I wanted lobster that badly, I can pony up 10 bucks a pound."


I'd suggest this is a beach-going no-no ... Coffin anyone?


I had brought this practice up in the past, regarding the Forsythe control of fox populations in Holgate. While I've never taken a stance, per se, some folks apparently have. 

Press Conference on USDA’s Wildlife Poisons: Addressing Risks to Families, Outdoorsmen and Pets on Wednesday,June 7 at 2:00 PM EST


WASHINGTONMembers of Congress will hold a press conference on concerns over the USDA Wildlife Services’ use of deadly poisons on public and private lands inthe U.S. and the devastating impacts that these lethal substances can have othe people and pets who encounter them oWednesday, June 7 at 2:00 PM EST. 

In attendance will be the Mansfield family, who learned first-hand the grave consequences of thespoisons. Their beloved dog was killed and sohospitalized afterthey accidentally triggered aM-44 cyanide bomb set by Wildlife Services near their Idahhome. 

WHO:   Rep Peter DeFazio (OR-04) Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)

Mark, Theresa, and Canyon Mansfield 

WHENWednesday, June 7 at 2pm ET


WHEREHouse Triangle, United States Capitol

 CONTACT: Matt Sutton, The Rosen Group



Tom Beaty‎ to Holgate Update
Tonight at 6pm, at the Long Beach Township Municipal Building, there will hopefully be an ordinance introduced to ban balloon releases. Come out and show your Support!

==============================================================================================Ron McClelland ... And Ron got one!


From the other side, via Kevin Knutsen

Kevin again: This time it's Ortley Beach's dredging turn ... 


Spring Striped Bass and Bluefish Tournament Results

Striped Bass
1 - Mike Green - Lucky Stripes - 35.56
2 - Paul Riker - Rebait - 33.08

1 - Dave Bentley - Rebait - 9.30
2 - Paul Riker - Rebait - 7.70
3 - Greg Kopenhaver - Yahoo Fishing - 7.36
4 - Matt Kopenhaver - Yahoo Fishing - 6.52
5 - Greg Kopenhaver III - Yahoo Fishing - 4.84 

Congratulations to the winners!
It was a fun day for the Kopenhaver's aboard Yahoo Fishing!


Brian Farias

If anyone sees this completely inconspicuous car driving around LBI area please DM or text me immediately 

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Dante Soriente
We back!!! After a year off the Hot Tuna Is back in LBI and will be doing inshore bluefin, and offshore trips! As always open for full charters and we put together a lot of open boats so people can get a chance of getting out when they don't have a full crew!! All new 80 class CTS rods on the boat. If interested in being in the call list for trips let me know!!


Going to test these new hooks out tonight!

==============================================================================================Greg O'Connell

Neat surprise when opening my Fisherman Magazine last night. Definitely a fun trip that day. Thanks for the using the picture with the article Capt Harvey
Image may contain: 2 people, water
Jeff Warford added 4 new photos.
Success isn't always measured by how many fish you catch....Rather, the friends that helped you get there. I can't thank the people that helped us along the way enough. Special thanks to John Lane and Randy Rodriguez for rebuilding our engine in TWO WEEKS, during their busiest time of year. What could have been a season ending engine failure turned out for the better. Thanks Mike Kelly for all your hard work making sure the boat was ready to put today's first trip in the books. Ilan Shemesh and myself are glad to have you apart of the team!!! Not a epic fishing day by the number of fish, but man was it one hell of a successful trip !! Talia Shemesh even got in some shooting practice:). Next time, its bigeye time 
Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
Image may contain: ocean, water and outdoor
Damien Romeo
Back to Baltimore Federal Court in the morning for closing arguments in what will be the 3rd week of this trial for the 2016 White Marlin Open !!! I've kept quiet about this from the start,, but I will share the details after the judge makes his ruling... as I understand it , closing arguments Monday, lawyers must submit statements to judge by Wednesday and the judge will issue his ruling within 7 days.. so lord willing by next Wednesday we will have an answer.. I can tell you I learned an awful lot !!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us, glad it will finally be over either way...


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The SandPaper

Our favorite celebrity Great White Shark, Mary Lee, had 2 pings off the coast of LBI this morning. Looks like she's heading to Harvey Cedars! You can track her here: http://www.ocearch.org/profile/mary_lee/

  • =======================================================================================
(Absolutely ultra-cool ... from exit63 ... A must-visit website from my buddy Jim V.)  



The Resurrection of The Shack. Perhaps The Greatest Reading Of All Time.

Watch out, There’s a Whoop-House Surprise coming up to greet you when you cross the Causeway.

My dad loved to say:

“Whenever I drive over the Causeway, my knuckles instantly turn from white to red.”

We all know that feeling of letting-it-all-go which we experience the moment we see the Island laid out in front of us as we speed over the bridge. I’ve known people who cry when they come over the Causeway. I mean eastbound. Everybody cries driving westbound. And not because of traffic, or because they have to pee so bad, but because they are just too happy at the sight of LBI to hold it in any longer, so they let it all go. The tears. Not the pee.

Well fasten your seat belts and get a good grip because this is one of the most exciting Readings of all time. You probably believe, as I once did, that the euphoric experience of driving over the Causeway just couldn’t get any better. Well, it turns out it can and it is about to.

the-consultantsHeading out to explore 
the Wonders From Under The Causeway in 2017 withTara from Parsons Brinckerhoff and biologist Tina Shutz from the NJ DOT.

Longtime Readers might remember that we’ve been following the exciting development of Peregrine Falcon starting to nest under the Causeway over the past few years. Sadly, the adorable Falcons picked the worst possible time in decades to start doing this: just as construction began on our brand new Causeway. Thankfully, they picked the best state in the world to pull these shenanigans as the triple threat of the NJ DOT, the NJ Endangered & Nongame Species Dept., and The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ are full of good people, ready to help make sure no Falcons are needlessly destroyed.

For a little background on the Causeway’s lovebirds, see past Readings:

Despite having built the PEFA (Peregrine Falcons) a nice platform so they would not have to nest on the naked pier, and then a bigger platform so any resultant babies might have a better chance at survival, our Causeway woefully suffers a few fundamental engineering problems no matter what we do, as far as PEFA are concerned: it is over water, it is not high enough, and there is heavy construction going on everywhere.

work-under-causewayA tough place to raise a family.

Despite everyone’s best hopes last year, ‘lil Shaq and ‘lil Dutchman plunged straight into the water the first time they attempted to fly and promptly drown. Maybe they would have made it with a little more height, perhaps with a little less construction.

Whatever the case, our PEFA returned this spring for another shot at Wonder Under The Causeway, so the NJ DOT, the NJ ENSP, and the CWFNJ also returned to help them through it.

suiting-upKathy Clark & Ben Wurst suit up for baby danger.

It appeared the adorable Falcons might actually have been successful again this year, but unfortunately, a little too late. Fledge dates (the official day baby PEFA are ready to spread their wings and fly from the bridge for the first time) and the bridge construction schedule were on a head-on collision. Work was going on almost directly above the nest which is not only a risk to the babies, but also to the adults who have to fly in out of the area all day long to murder pigeons and feed their little ones. It is also a risk to the construction as the adults become violently defensive because… well, they have babies!

Losing a baby Falcon hurts real bad, but losing a single adult is like losing thirty baby Falcons because they will probably make that many over the course of their lifetime.

So it was time to call in the big guns. It was rescue time for Kathy Clark & Ben Wurst.

going-upRescue Time.

ben-on-platformConfusion sets in as Ben enters the Eyrie (PEFA nest)

Rule #1 of dealing with wild animals is: don’t talk about dealing with wild animals. Since we already broke that rule, let’s check Rule #2: expect the unexpected. Even though the whole team knew that rule, I don’t think anyone was expecting what they found up there. Not only were there no babies, there were three unhatched eggs.  It was long past the expected hatch date for the pair. Perhaps the dates were off. More likely, the eggs were duds. Whatever the case, the eggs were removed for the safety of everyone: Mom, Dad, babies, the NJ DOT crews, and us.

But that’s only the first whoop-house surprise. Here is where the story gets good.

jo-durtMomma is Home! And she’s one of us.

While waiting for Ben to retrieve the eggs, I took several pictures of the adult birds, trying to get a clear picture of their band combos. Our resident female & alleged crab connoisseur Billie had been seen at the bridge earlier in the spring so everyone was expecting she was the current female.

But after almost going blind trying to read the tiny band combos in my blurry and dark photos, I finally got them transcribed and quickly realized something was wrong. The female was not Billie. She was and unknown-to-me “82/AN.” I dutifully reported it to Kathy Clark, and asked if she knew this bird.

Wait… what? Are you serious? Jim, you’ve reported this band combo to us 57.5 times over three years. You’ve called this bird “one of our own.” You said she was “The Queen of Surf City.” You said “She was born of Flowerpot.” You performed an amateur autopsy on her little brother, and kept him in your freezer when he died after hitting a telephone pole in Beach Haven.

You absurdly claimed she wanted to vote for Donald Trump!!!11!! JIM 82/AN IS JO DURT!!!111!!!

~ Kathy Clark



Rogers Hoyt Jr. elected president of Ducks Unlimited

Texas native takes on organization’s top volunteer position



[{{EmailCampaignAction-Read release online »}}]Read release online »

MEMPHIS, Tennessee –  June 5, 2017 – Ducks Unlimited (DU) elected Texas native Rogers Hoyt Jr. as its 44th president during the organization’s 80thnational convention in San Antonio, on Saturday, June 3. Hoyt succeeds Paul Bonderson Jr., who now serves as the chairman of the board. 

Rogers Hoyt, Jr.

“I vividly remember riding in a pickup between my paternal granddad and my father as they scouted ponds to see which ones had ducks,” Hoyt said. “On my first duck hunt as a kindergartner, Dad carried me piggyback through the water. I think I was destined to be involved with Ducks Unlimited because of the influences I had growing up. All the people who shaped my life enjoyed the outdoors and always believed if you take, you give back. To be chosen to lead this great organization is something I have only dreamed about. I am truly honored that the volunteers of DU have the faith and trust in me to serve as their president for the next two years."

In his acceptance speech, Hoyt said he will focus on growing and strengthening DU’s volunteer-led fundraising event system, encourage more of DU’s more than 700,000 members to advocate for sound public policy that benefits waterfowl and their habitats, build on DU’s growing youth education and engagement programs, and see that the $2-billion Rescue Our Wetlands continental campaign reaches its ambitious goal.

“For the past six years we've seen incredible growth in our event system, and we're on track to surpass budgeted goals again this year,” Hoyt said. “This wouldn’t be possible without the commitment, passion and dedication of our volunteers. They are truly the force that drives DU, and my goal is to see those numbers increase even more during my presidency.”

A DU volunteer and supporter for more than three decades, Hoyt served as first vice president of DU Inc., president of Ducks Unlimited de Mexico and on the board of directors for Ducks Unlimited Canada and Wetlands America Trust, DU’s land trust. Hoyt and his wife, Camille, have one son and live in Uvalde, Texas.

This year’s national convention was a celebration of Ducks Unlimited’s 80 years of conservation and included seminars, entertainment, conservation education, demonstrations, tours and more.

Next year's DU national convention will be held in Indianapolis, May 30 – June 2, 2018.

Ducks Unlimited Inc. is the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving North America's continually disappearing waterfowl habitats. Established in 1937, Ducks Unlimited has conserved more than 14 million acres thanks to contributions from more than a million supporters across the continent. Guided by science and dedicated to program efficiency, DU works toward the vision of wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever. For more information on our work, visit www.ducks.org.

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