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Monday, July 25, 2016: Had to take a stop-and-go drive down to ...

Arnold Frizenpeck secured "Employee of the Year" by telling this women she exceeded the recommended weight and must dismount immediately.   

And when your dad is too cheap to get you a seat on the real ride ...

Plus, you can always take the lead from top professional riders ... 

Monday, July 25, 2016: Had to take a stop-and-go drive down to see the yacht parked on 57th Street. Below are some shots. Not wanting to sound jaded, but I’ve seen so many grounded vessels over the decades, that one like this really isn’t much of an eye-opener for me. I like taking pics. It’s also fun to see folks reacting to it as the walk onto the beach. The closest to a notable-quotable came from a youngster who asked, “Is he allowed to park there?” Overall, by the time I got there (and thanks for the call-ins to the paper), beach folks had already checked things out and had pretty much lost interest, opting for normal beach things. I’m always nostalgically inclined when I see folks just basking and ball-playing about.

Here's a video look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvEmkwiWjUQ

Since I was on under the workday gun, I really do much asking around for any lingering info about the wash-up. There was a young LBT gal on a quad, standing by to discourage any overly frisky folks pondering climbing aboard the boat to jump off it and into the ocean. However, I opted not to question her. The township is kinda insanely strict about statements being made by anybody but the mayor and cohorts. The gal might have said something totally innocent to me and still caught royal hell.

A SandPaper writer is getting info through dictated LBT pathways. I’m guessing the Coast Guard might also have so-called official statements.

And, yes, the way nobody but designated authorities can now talk to the media often leaves the public in the dark – where they remain even after sanitized statements are issued. There’s something wrong in a freedom-of-speech vein with the lost spontaneity from so many people fearing for their jobs if they offer so much as a single remark.

As to the vessel getting muscled off the beach via towboats, the next high tide will be around midnight, then again midday tomorrow. However, deep water is now near the beach due to replenishment. That might allow a pull-off any time. Then the integrity of the hull comes into focus.

I’m getting a couple questions about the large hauls of kingfish being caught in the LBI surf. I posted a couple north end reports showing impressive takes.

Below: Jean Deery Schaum

Then I got a message from a mid-Island angler, who knows his kingfishing, and he couldn’t draw a kingfish touch. Both he and I agree kingfish are often tightly schooled. As the ocean water cleans up (with amazingly clear water just to our south, Atlantic and Cape May counties), I’ll finally be able to get some diving in. I often write of the time I put some Ship Bottom surfcasters on a big showing of bottom-feeding kingfish. They moved in and mugged them.

Although kingfish meat rates as top-self, I’ve never tried it as sashimi. Gotta do it this summer.

fishingrigz.com ... Kingfish smoke up well and also battered or crumbed works well. It is a very tasty fish and can be cooked in many ways.

Fluking is good – and sketchy. That sounds like I’m covering bases for those who aren’t catching flatties. Not so. That “sketchy” angle means the fish are out there but you have to be willing to find them. One radio comment encapsulated the good-hunt concept: “We caught all our fish in just the last hour of our trip.” I hear that.

Joe Tangel KING COD...7/25 SeaBass, & Ling iNSaNiTy!!! Fluke Too...

Very tough drift this AM on the offshore Fluke grounds. Breezy SW conditions chased us off an unproductive drift, and onto the wrecks. Good move, as we proceeded to beat on Jumbo Ling, and SeaBass. Mixed double headers as fast as you could pull, made for big fat bags of fillets for everyone! Gave Fluking another shot inside at the end of the day, where we added a few keepers to 4.5lbs tto the box, along with some shorts. 


Dante, the new rattle really is a game changer. Not sure I've ever seen multiple Fluke fighting over the same bucktail before....

Good stuff


Massachusetts Commercial Striper Fishermen Busted

Reported July 25, 2016 on the Facebook page of the 
Massachusetts Environmental Police:

In response to receiving numerous complaints of Commercial Striped Bass Fisherman retaining Striped Bass prior to the commercial season opening, on the evening of July 24, 2016, the Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP) conducted a saturation patrol of the Commercial Striped Bass fleet in the vicinity of southern Cape Cod Bay. The Patrol Boat Thomas Paine, 2 smaller patrol boats and one under cover surveillance vessel, conducted 60 vessel inspections. Six commercial vessels were found to possess Striped Bass prior to the season opening. Commercial fishermen are not prohibited from recreational fishing as long as they abide by the recreational rules and clip the right pectoral fin from any commercial-sized fish. Officers confiscated 388 pounds of illegal Striped Bass with a marked value of approximately $2,400.00, fishing gear valued at $3,000.00 and issued approximately $1,000.00 in fines. Charges included Commercial fishing during closed season, over the limit striped bass, possession of striped bass without a clipped fin and operating without navigation lights.

At about 0130 on July 25, 2016, the MEP Officers were completing their paperwork and securing the patrol vessels when they overheard a broadcast on VHF channel 16. A vessel was reporting a collision and an altercation between the operators of two Commercial Striped Bass vessels. MEP Officer’s assisted the United States Coast Guard in their response to this call. No injuries were reported and the damage to the victim’s vessel was minor. The other vessel had allegedly swung a fish gaff at the victim after ramming the victim’s vessel twice. The other vessel could not be located.

illegal Massachusetts Striped Bass
Another shot of the toothy beast

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