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Monday, July 13, 2015: Sun, warmth and wind. The beach is duly summerish

You gotta begin with a bored-sick fan bass to organize a mass toiletpaper toss like this ...  Yep, soccer. 

Monday, July 13, 2015: Sun, warmth and wind. The beach is duly summerish, with water temps in the low- to mid-70s and many a person taking in some of the finest sandy beaches anywhere. Yes, I’m talking about LBI. I’ve been to many a beach and when LBI is on, it rocks sand with the best of them.
From beach volleyball, I can guarantee the Island has some of the finest sugar sand on the entire planet. That also comes from pro v-ballers who truly test the sands around the world. In fact, after doing some practice time on LBI’s sand, many pro v-baller are thankful the pro circuit doesn’t stop here; that’s how loose and sinky our sands are.

The fluking is very hit or miss – but not in the way it had been for the past many year, when flatties were coming up by the boatful but none large enough to keep. While undersized fluke are still in the mix, it’s now more a case of finding just where they’re biting. When on a hot spot, the size is often take-home all the day. There are also some very dry drifts, sans any fluke at all.

The stingray presence continue to increase. It’s not loved by everyone, especially anglers fishing lighter gear for fluke.
Surfside sharks, almost all browns, are even biting during the day now. I’ve seen a couple videos of surfcaster into long fights, with crowds gathering. 


Astounding catch-and-release ... 

WLBZ 2's photo.

WOW! Check out this "monstah lobstah" that was caught and released off shore in Friendship, Maine! (Estimate age 75 y/o) Photo credit: Ricky Louis Felice Jr.




Tentative Rules & Regulations

(As of June 2, 2015)


Tournament Date: Saturday, August 1st, 2015 (Rain or Shine)

Fishing Hours: Dawn until 5 P.M. To be eligible all fluke must be weighed in at one of the 9 official weigh stations (that you previously selected) starting from 12 noon, but not later than 5 P.M. and must be accompanied by your official weigh slip affidavit with entry number.

Fishing Location: Fish all waters within 20 miles of the New Jersey coast open to the public, including the ocean, bays, inlets and rivers stretching from the Raritan Bay & Hudson River in the north to Delaware Bay in the south.

Awards Presentation & Celebration: Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 at the Holiday Inn on Rte. 72, Manahawkin, NJ beginning at 7:00PM. Registrations begin at 3:00PM.

Weigh Slip (Affidavit): Official weigh slip affidavit (fuchsia in color) is mailed to each entrant upon sign-up and for late sign-ups they will be handed out at the weigh stations upon sign-up the day before the tournament. If you have lost your affidavit tell the weighmaster your name. You will be on the port log, but you may encounter a delay in processing.


Elias Vaisberg added 4 new photos.

Today I had 
Vlad Hod out. A few schoolie bass on the towards high water and wrapped it all with plenty of porgies for dinner. Spooked a few giant bluefish on the way in and had a few follows on topwater. Beautiful day and nice action.
Elias Vaisberg's photo.
Elias Vaisberg's photo.
Elias Vaisberg's photo.

Thrill of the thresher ... 

Me and the boys boated this beast yesterday.

Dennis Nucifora's photo.

Shark-Detecting Buoys Put in Place Off Duxbury, Plymouth Coasts

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Boston Globe] By Rosa Nguyen - July 13, 2015 
The South Shore’s first shark-detecting buoy was set afloat off Duxbury Wednesday, with three more placed along the Plymouth coastline Friday.
The buoys, attached to acoustic receivers, will track any tagged sharks swimming within a 200-yard radius.
“We’re trying to get a sense of local movements of white sharks and their behaviors for the purpose of public safety,” said Gregory Skomal, a senior biologist with the state Division of Marine Fisheries.
The receivers on the buoys detect sounds emitted by the transmitters on tagged sharks, Skomal said. The receivers will record the date and time when the shark swims by, he said, and scientists from the Division of Marine Fisheries will download information from the receiver every couple of weeks.
Tracking buoys have floated off Cape Cod since 2010, monitoring shark movements in Chatham, Orleans, and Truro, Skomal said, and additional receivers have been added each year.
Plymouth harbormaster Chad Hunter said Friday that officials are seeking information about the sharks’ behavior that might help keep residents safe.
“Chatham has been a shark hot spot for years, and as the population of great whites are increasing there, smaller sharks are being pushed to the surrounding areas,” he said. Shark numbers “are now higher than what they used to be, and the sighting off Duxbury and the kayak incident has caused the South Shore to want to know more.”
Last August, officials closed Duxbury Beach after a shark sighting, and one month later, a great white shark attacked two kayakers in Plymouth.
Ida Parker, 29, and Kristin Orr, 32, were paddling their kayaks in Manomet on Sept. 3, watching as seals “popped up” around them before they heard a loud bang, Parker said.
“The shark breached and hit [Kristin’s] kayak. Mine was flipped over,” Parker recalled in a phone interview Friday.
The incidents spurred residents in Plymouth and Duxbury to take action.
The town of Plymouth, the Division of Marine Fisheries, and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy pooled about $4,000 to pay for acoustic receivers and mooring equipment to make two of the three shark-detecting devices that were put in place Friday.
Joshua M. Bows, 40, a Plymouth native and president of Merrill Corp. – a site-planning, civil engineering, and land surveying firm – donated $1,500 to purchase a third receiver, while the Plymouth 400 Bass and Blue Fishing Tournament Committee, of which Bows is a member, donated $600 for the shark-detecting apparatus’s rigging equipment.
The receivers “show whether this was a fluke event or whether sharks routinely travel the area,” Bows said. “It helps us understand whether we need a shark management program or if it was a random event.”
In Duxbury, Jackson Kent, president of the Bayside Marine Corp. marina, became interested in Skomal’s research. Kent said his business donated $3,000 to pay for the buoy installed in Duxbury Wednesday.
“The more we get to learn, the safer we’re going to be in the water,” he said.
The Duxbury buoy floats 200 yards east of the first crossover, a pathway from the back of Duxbury Beach to the front of the beach, according to Duxbury’s harbormaster, Donald C. Beers, III. Hunter said buoys will be posted in Plymouth at Gurnet Point and Ellisville Harbor State Park, as well as Manomet Point.
Parker and Orr returned to Manomet Point in Plymouth Friday for the deployment of one of the buoys, which they adorned with stickers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, Parker said. After scrawling a message thanking the first responders who helped them last September, the women wrote a thank-you note to the shark “for knowing kayaks are not food.”
“It’s interesting data to see if tagged sharks in Chatham are coming over here,” Parker said. “It’s important to get as much information as we can to help them and us.”
The boom in great white sharks began when the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 triggered a growth in gray seals, the sharks’ meal of choice.
Shark season kicked off on the East Coast this summer with eight attacks off the North Carolina coast. In one of them, a Wareham man, former Boston Herald editor Andrew Costello, was bitten July 1 on Ocracoke Island. An official there said he believed a bull shark was involved in that attack.
In 2012, a shark bit Boston native Chris Myers off Ballston Beach in Truro. It marked the first great white shark attack on a Massachusetts swimmer since 1936, when a Dorchester teen was killed while swimming at Crescent Beach in Mattapoisett.
Sixty-eight sharks were sighted off Cape Cod last year, with 18 of them tagged, Skomal said. Four sharks have been sighted in Massachusetts this year, one of which was tagged.


Hey there, Tropical Storm Claudette — so nice to meet you. Who's ready for some combo swell later this week?

Tilapia is one of the cheapest and most popular fish in the United States. Unfortunately, the type of cheap Tilapia for sale at the supermarket (and served at most restaurants) may actually lead to many serious health problems.


Discovered this gem today.. Lol! My dad fishing on the Miss Barnegat Light!

Cindy Hoyt Larson's photo.

New York City Will Require Most Raw Fish to First be Frozen, Limited Impact Expected

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [NY1] - July 13, 2015  

Some fish in New York City restaurants will soon have to make a trip to the freezer before hitting the dinner table.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has published new regulations requiring all fish that's served raw, like sushi, to be frozen first, to prevent bacteria and parasites.

The Department says fish will be required to be frozen for anywhere from 15 hours to one week, depending on temperatures and storage process.

Several types of seafood are exempt from the rule, like shellfish, farm-raised fish and certain types of tuna.

The regulations now match up to FDA standards.

The changes will take effect in August.


Bay temperature has risen into its typical summer setting of the low 80s + while the ocean is holding around 70 plus.  Fluking remains the same.  You have to work at putting a catch together and the best results have been the end of incoming to the beginning of outgoing. In between several charters last week I instructed a class of Hooked on Fishing – Not on Drugs to a bunch of 1st to 5th graders though the Barnegat Township Recreation Department.  On the last day we fished a local lake and I am proud to say every young angler caught a fish! Picture attached  of one of the kids, Lucy Petrasek of Barnegat. Since this is Barnegat I do depart slightly from the national curriculum in that I spend part of the time teaching about crabs and how to crab.  Speaking about crabbing, it is good to very good.  A 6 hour soak on my two crab pots yesterday yield 15 keeper jimmies, all of which obvious keepers. This week I have scheduled my first Off the Beach Sharking Trip.  What this involves is light tackle sharking for 40 pound plus sharks just outside the surf line to a few miles off the beach.  As far as I know I am the only guide in the area presently offering this exciting fishing adventure.  So contact me for details if this is something that interests you.

Screaming Drags, Capt. Alex



Brett Taylor  See belwo ...
I had Steve Danastorg of Newtown PA, his son Ryan, and friends Nick Logue, Mike Reilly, and Chris Mahle on a 4hr Bay and Inlet charter. Again, we had to work a variety of spots with the tide and finally we had very little wind to contend with. The group ended with 3 keeper fluke (18in, 18.5in, 19in) and one lone cocktail bluefish, among the short fluke and crabs. We had quite a few that were just shy of the 18inch mark - hopefully anglers give them a chance to grow. Great job by the teenagers to get up early and fish!
Brett Taylor's photo.

We had some wind after the 4th of July, which with the lessening of the full moon tides, made for some challenging drifting and fishing conditions.  It was a busy week with mostly bay trips targeting fluke.  The blowfish are not here in good quantities and also the blues are too small to target, so as far as bay fishing - fluke are the only game in town.  We will start targeting fluke in the ocean as the waters have warmed up enough and they should be hanging around my favorite areas.

This past week, I had John Laub of New York, NY, his 2 daughters Haley and Lindsay, and their Pop-Pop Pete Risolo on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. Again, the full moon's effects had a negative impact on the bite, but the 3 generations team was able to box to 2 keepers (18 and 19.5 inches). We had to work a lot of spots to finally find some fish that were cooperative. It's amazing how they can change from bait to bait in a given day. Great job on a tough day fishing.

Next up, was Tim and Lisa Frasier of Grosse Point, MI along with their teenage sons Jack and Anthony on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter.  Well, it was windy with the South blowing at 10-15 knots with gusts to 21 knots.  We did manage a pick of fish and boxed a nice, fat 20 inch fluke within the shadows of Old Barney.  The family foursome did a great job in tough conditions.

Towards the end of the week I had Bob Rokas of Toms River and his two step-sons John and Jay Lewis of Waretown on a 4hr Bay & Inlet Charter.  With the tide, we started towards the west side of the bay and picked at the fish using the S&S Roundhead jig tipped with Gulp and fresh bait.  After working one of the channel edges, Jay scored on a beautiful 28 inch fluke which weighed close to 8 lbs.  We make two more drifts over the same area, and Jay picks up a 29 inch fluke weighing over 9 lbs.  We worked a few more areas and picked at the shorts and ending up picking up one more keeper at 19 inches.  What an awesome day considering the fishing in our area.  Nice job!!

Last, I had return client Andy Ead of Loveladies his son Jaiden, and Jaiden's friend Aaron Shih on an afternoon 4hr Bay & Inlet Charter.  After the 1st trip in the morning, I expected we would have some fish on the incoming in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, I had to work hard just to find some fish that would bite.  We worked close to 8 different areas, but all we could muster were short fluke, a few searobins, crabs, and a cow-nose ray that nearing spooled the line.  Great job by boys for catching their first fluke by jigging bucktails.

I do have a few openings this week and the following week for either bay or ocean fluking.  We are available for charter 7 days a week. If interested in booking a charter, book through the website ( www.reelreactioncharters.com ) or call 609-290-7709 . As always we use the highest quality gear and everything is included all gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE - it's "no worries" fishing. Just come and FISH. 
Capt. Brett Taylor 

Reel Reaction Sportfishing LLC
cell: 609-290-7709

@capt_ob_hydrologic and @finao_sportfishing worked together today and found some STUD Cobia before the wind picked up this AM using an @magictailbucktails prototype!! I guess it works!

Alex Field's photo.

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