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Monday, December 15, 2014: I’m inching toward my one vacation per year; cruisin' for coyote vids

Decent nose/tail ride ... and dismount. 


(Above: Ship Bottom Mayor Bill  Huelsenbeck with a magnificent elk he shot somewhere near, uh, I think it was 18th Street in Ship Bottom.) 


Monday, December 15, 2014: I’m inching toward my one vacation per year; a two-week stint from this Wednesday through January 5 of next year. It’s tough taking a relaxed vacay with Christmas closing in from all angles but the woods and beachfront will hide and comfort me one good. I hope to keep well in-touch within this site, since I find it fun and relaxing to blog-out after a long day of outdoorsing.  

The schoolie fishing is good through this week, before another potentially nasty-add system blows through over the weekend, stirring the surf and also dropping water temps with icy rain and snow.  It could take to Christmas for things to settle again, making it tough to take a Christmas striper. It'll even screw things up for Christmas clamming, unless they're dug this week -- with some very low tides through Friday.  


I’m doing a segment of this week’s column for The SandPaper about my quest to videotape coyotes out and about in their domain. It’s the time of year when hunger gets them out well before sundown … often heading to nearby highways, where roadkill is often on the menu.

I will be mounting an ancient tree stand in an area where I know a very active pair of mated coyote roams.

Per my upcoming weekly column: “I’m going to be climbing onto an old wooden deer stand, a relic from easily 75 years back. I like shooting (videos) from those decrepit old stands because they’re a long-accepted part of an area’s look. The resident wild animal population is fully familiar with them, as opposed to a newly placed stand.

While the likes of a new Cabella’s tree stand doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, it still represents something just a tad off to the locals, especially coyotes. Where deer are easily fooled – does more so than bucks – a coyote is far foxier. Of all our wily wildlife, a coyote is clearly the champion of sixth-sensing when things just aren't right. …”

To draw my coyote close enough to videotape, I’ll likely lure them in via a recorded male coyote competitive call/sound – and also meat. I’ll even use turkey sounds, just to get their ‘yote instincts flarin’ up one good.

My main problem comes from some locale identifiers that might be seen in the video’s background – easily interpreted by hunters I know.

The two coyote I’m targeting are pure, as opposed to an astounding, seemingly lone, coywolf off Route 539.

By the by, most folks don’t realize how truly thin wild coyote are. Even a larger one is barely 35 pounds. If you compare that to house pets it leaves a coyote in the skin-and-bones realm, though this time of year their thick winter coat gives them some apparent bulk.


Back to my vacay, I’ll surely being doing a ton of bottle/artifact digging, which I will likely post in here, providing I find something post-worthy.

I recently showed my stoneware pig find. However, some artifacts I find are far more weird than rare. Take a milk bottle I found over the weekend. I find hundreds of old milks, so many I don’t even haul them out of the woods anymore. But, reading the slug-plate (the part with writing) on this bottle, I gave one of those WTF!? chuckles. Check it out closely.

"Ummmm. I'll take another big glassful, please."


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