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Monday Dec. 7, 09: No need to stop fishing

You don't need to fish to get skunked ... Monday, December 07, 2009: There are still bass and blues out there, though that frozen weather of Saturday night will lead to a very cold melt-based runoff, which could (note only “could”) clear all the bass out of the bay. And there are still a ton of stripers in there, even as far back as Manahawkin Bay. Pity any winter flounder that try to come in from the deep to overwinter in the bay. Dead meat, literally. The Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic is pau – that’s Hawaiian for finished/over/done. It was long yet very intense. The final count of entered 30-pound-plus bass was way beyond any tourney to date. Here they are: 1. MICHAEL KANE DOYLESTOWN, PA Striped Bass 42.69 2. BRIAN MCALLISTER MIDDLETOWN, DE Striped Bass 39.94 3. JOHN PARZYCH TRUMBAUERSVILLE, PA Striped Bass 38.69 4. MIKE GREENE SHIP BOTTOM, NJ Striped Bass 38.44 5. KENNEY DEPIERRO YONKERS, NY Striped Bass 36.94 6. SCOTT SIMPSON HAINESPORT, NJ Striped Bass 36.81 7. CHRIS MASINO BEACH HAVEN, NJ Striped Bass 36.06 8. BRIAN J. ANDERSON SPRAY BEACH, NJ Striped Bass 36.00 9. DENNIS STEPIEN MARLTON, NJ Striped Bass 35.31 10. DAVID BELL MANAHAWKIN, NJ Striped Bass 35.25 11. TIMOTHY STUMPF ELKINS PARK, PA Striped Bass 35.25 12. ROBERT LYMAN WEST HARRISON, NY Striped Bass 35.25 13. RICHARD METZGER COLLINGSWOOD, NJ Striped Bass 35.19 14. JOE CARMELENGO LBI TOWNSHIP, NJ Striped Bass 35.00 15. DOUGLAS DUNKELBERGER SURF CITY, NJ Striped Bass 33.81 16. TOM LAW SR. BEACH HAVEN, NJ Striped Bass 33.00 17. ED LAPP HATBORO, PA Striped Bass 32.56 18. SCOTT SIMPSON HAINESPORT, NJ Striped Bass 32.25 19. JOE CARMELENGO LBI TOWNSHIP, NJ Striped Bass 32.13 20. ROBERT MULLER PARK RIDGE, NJ Striped Bass 31.88 21. LINDA HOLLINS RIVERTON, NJ Striped Bass 31.75 22. BILL MONTREY MANAHAWKIN, NJ Striped Bass 31.56 23. EDWIN MCGLYNN BEACH HAVEN, NJ Striped Bass 31.50 24. JEFF SUWAK MEDFORD, NJ Striped Bass 31.50 25. BRIAN DALTON TABERNACLE, NJ Striped Bass 31.25 26. RANDALL MATLACK BEACH HAVEN PARK, NJ Striped Bass 31.25 27. BRIAN MCALLISTER MIDDLETOWN, DE Striped Bass 30.88 28. MIKE OLSON MANAHAWKIN, NJ Striped Bass 30.56 29. GEORGE GILBERT BEACH HAVEN, NJ Striped Bass 30.44 30. DARCY KOLODZIEJ SHIP BOTTOM, NJ Striped Bass 30.38 31. KENNEY DEPIERRO YONKERS, NY Striped Bass 30.25 (((((((((((((()))))))))))))) Politically charged email from Ron K.: Have you read Executive Order 11988 concerning floodplain management by the Department of the interior? Its quite interesting in that it appears to give more latitude to those in charge of such flood prone areas to be proactive. One of the directives is : Reduce the risk of flood loss and minimize the impacts of floods on human health, safety and welfare. Another states: Restore, Preserve and enhance the natural and beneficial values served by floodplains. So tell me, how are we reducing risk to people by letting nature take its course? Aren't some structures in harms way if Holgate is breached? What happens to the water quality of the bays? How would the loss of Holgate affect mainland waterfront properties? How does massive beach erosion help Piping Plovers? Are members of the Audubon Society aware of what's going on? Lastly, if there was a forest fire would these people let the sequoias or bristlecone pines be destroyed? I know, there's no forest on Holgate but I hope you get the idea. ((((((((((((())))))))))) Boat bassing has had its moments, as seen in this email: Jay, I went fishing today on the Reel Fantasea with Captain Steve Purul and two friends. We had a very nice day...... 36 striper (5 keepers) and a handful of bluefish and fluke. The majority of our stripers were caught live-lining spot. A few were caught on plastics. Best of all it was an absolutely gorgeous day on the water. Dave C Mt. Laurel, NJ ((((((((((((((())))))))))))))

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