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Monday, April 20, 2015: Those honking onshore winds overnight and this a.m. really kicked up the surf. A Fudd is born.

Above: The making of the next Elmer Fudd. Below: Proof. 

Monday, April 20, 2015: Those honking onshore winds overnight and this a.m. really kicked up the surf. The easterlies also served to warm up the ocean in one felled swoop. Water temps in the surf edged into the 50s for the first time this year. That marks striperable waters.

The wind and wave actions have also surely ushered in stripers, opportunistically moving in to dine on the crabs and worms being uncovered by the surge.

In years past, I’d include surf clams as a contributing factor to drawing in bass after a blow. Not nowadays. Surf clams near the beach are seemingly gone. I’m not sure how close in they’re now bedded, but the clam dredge guys indicate sea clams are out a goodly ways.

It’s hard to say why the once-plentiful near-beach surf clams have gone missing but it could easily have to do with erosion and storms.

To be sure, when the beach replen is done, there will be no signs of washed up surf clams after storms.

I guess I could be coldly pragmatic and even suggest that the loss of clams in the surfline and swash might be why bass are suddenly (seemingly) steering clear of the beachline. The dubious side to that hypothesis is the overwhelming data showing stripers live and breathe beachside crabs, not clams. Clams are most often an opportunistic meal-stuff, whereas the likes of lady crabs are a constant comestible.

That brings up the foreboding question of whether or not we’re also losing those common shallow-water crabs. I have to admit I just don’t step on nippy lady crabs in the surf the way I did when going into the ocean years back. Does replenishment spook these crabs? Unknown.

On the upside, sandcrabs are remarkably plentiful in the swash. While not quite the striper favorite of lady crabs, these mole crabs can be a draw. We’ll take it right about now.

That always begs the question of fishing with sandcrabs. I’ve done it more than the average NJ angler and sans crabs are not a great bait but if fished right, they work damn decently. For whatever bizarre reason, when cast out from the beach, on a pompano-type rig, the odds of attracting bass aren’t great. However, walk out on a jetty and flick a sandcrab out on more of a blackfish type setup and I’ve hooked into some keeper stripers.

As for fishing with lady crabs, halved, I’ve done it and every time I immediately attracted dogfish, left and right. 


John Bushell Jr.Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle Fishing Club

9 hrs · 

4/20/15 UPDATED 6:22 AM OK weekend. Had our first keeper of the year weighed in(GRATZ TO TIM PIRIOLLI THE SHIMANO ROD WINNER), some shorts landed. All in all, very promising. Tough one today with this east wind, but it will continue to warm the water in to the mid to upper 50's which is where you wanna be.

 — at Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle.


Below via Jason Huber ... 

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Getting geared up for the warren grove fd fishin tournament may 30th weekend
Dennis C Seeley Jr's photo.
Dennis C Seeley Jr's photo.

Anyone know of a person or organization in New Jersey that will conduct a one- or two-day motorboat handling course for kids at your yacht club? Or know of anyone who has hosted such a course?


How's my playing? (The eyes tell it all.)


Say "Hi" to Zoe of "Blacklist" fame ... Berlin's daughter ... real name Scottie Thompson ... Harvard grad. Angler. 


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Sorry but I don't continue to stand in waist-deep water when this happens ... 



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