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Monday... 5/25/2015 ... Just heard a call-out for a rig for an angler with an embedded fishing hook

New load of merchandise arrives on LBI: 


Sunday, May 24, 2015: Church was great today. Packed to the gills with fish reports left and right, mainly bluefish-oriented but also big on fluke. 

In a weird way, this is becoming one of the better, more diversified spring fishing season in years. yes the possible OBX bluefish have lit up the sky, as fish come flying into boat, left and right. But I also have some exceptional feedback on fluking.

The somewhat controversial black drum bite is cold to hot, based on the spot. In fact, one chatter said the hooking is quite brisk at the more famed spots -- west bay. I heard of an exceptional drum (maybe 50 lbs) caught on white Spro meant for a fluke, south end. Released. I bring that up to show you can do your usual targeting and maybe get a big-ass black drum in the process. 


Memorial Day Note: I fully understand the prescribed difference between Memorial Day, formerly Decoration Day, and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is to praise those who died in service to our country.  Veterans Day is for those who served.

However, I personally can’t differentiate those who died in the field from those who made it home but forever carry life-altering physical and emotional injuries. With the growing understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder, the final death toll for soldiers serving in military actions extends far beyond the battlefield.  

The two national holidays are fading into one concept – and rightfully so.


 Monday ... 5/25/2015 ... 

Just heard a call-out for a rig for an angler with an embedded fishing hook, I think it’s in the head. While I can’t recall this many hook emergencies, it surely has to do with the oft-hectic spring bite we’ve been lovin’.

I would never dissuade folks from going ER to take out a hook, especially if said folks are freak-out types. However, I will note in passing, I’ve removed hooks via the line-pull method. Here is a visual and video look at the method.

Important: Always isolate an embedded hook. If it is on a plug, detach it from split-ring.  

 I have to offer this video, just as I found it, while checking on methods of removing fishing hooks from human skins.

I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy, jack-S***, Dude! Did you once suffer a hook to the prefrontal lobe? 
Warning: Enough said.



Capt. Alex


It’s that time of year when you don’t know which species you want to target.  Big bass are showing on bunker schools along the beach along with big blues. There are still bass and blues in the bay to keep the rods bent and fluke season just opened on Friday.  After a late cancellation for Saturday, I found my self trying to decide which species I wanted to target so I went with the one I wanted for dinner J, fluke.  Worked some channels along flats the last of the outgoing tide to use the rise in temperature to my advantage.  Ocean temperature is around 58 while Barnegat Bay is 64. That 6 degree temperature change often means a lot when it comes to early season fluke.  Oh did I catch anything?  During the last half hour of outgoing tide I boxed my 5 fish limit (attached picture).  I also released 2 dozen shorts during the last two hours of outgoing.  Biggest fish was 22” @ 3.6 pounds.  Not a bad Memorial Day meal.  Crabbing is starting to pick up on the west side of the bay and some of the Jimmies are nice size.  I like my crabs steamed but my wife likes garlic crabs.  So garlic crabs it was.  Sunday I took my wife fluking for the end of the outgoing tide.  We did limit out like I did yesterday but we a lot of action and some keepers for the freezer.

 On the nature side of thing: right now, thousands of Red Knots are gorging themselves on horseshoe crabs eggs along the NJ Delaware Bay shore. They just got here from an eight day flight from Argentina.   Spending about two weeks to fatten up they will then fly north to the tundra to breed. There riming of their journey has coevolved with the reproduction of horseshoe crabs.  Overharvesting of horseshoe crabs for eel bait and for their blue blood used in medicine has crashed their population by 70% over the last few years.  These birds are being closely monitored as to their health and population size.  Some of the tagged birds have flown the distance to the moon in their lifetime. Kind of crazy when you think about it as the average Red Knot weighs 4.8 ounces.

 If you are looking to catch some fish but don’t know what to fish for give me a call as I still have days open. 

Screaming drags,

Capt. Alex



Terrapin nesting season is almost upon us...we need volunteers! Our wonderful hatchery supervisor from last year could not return due to her graduate duties. We need a few good people who can help us relocate the nests to the hatchery....it's very delicate work but I will train you. We also need people to patrol the bay areas for females coming up to nest, and to mark and cover their nests. If you are interested, please go to our website:www.terrapinnestingproject.com
Fill in the information on the contact sheet and I will be in touch.
We had such a fantastic year last season, saving 97% of our hatchlings, please join us! Thank you...Kathy Lacey, Terrapin Nesting Project


Me and Mr. Max and his first bluefish!!!
John Parzych's photo.

Solo fishin this morning turned out pretty well. Kept 2, released 4. Biggest 42lbs.

Cain Ernest's photo.

Awesome memorial weekend.. fluke to 17" but no keepers for me. Caught some cocktail blues but no gators, no bass ‪#‎barnegatbay‬ ‪#‎spring‬‪#‎memorialday‬ ‪#‎fluke‬ ‪#‎flounder‬ ‪#‎bluefish‬ ‪#‎njfishing‬ ‪#‎traffic‬

John Del Sordo's photo.
My happy place. STRIPERS ARE BACK. Dinner tonight and enough for tomorrow night.
Bob Engel's photo.
Bob Engel's photo.

Cousin Jeff Reigle yesterday only flounder catch.... What's wrong with the flounder?! Lots of blues onboard though!

Daniel C. Melega's photo.
Daniel C. Melega's photo.
Evening on the sand bar
'We have been invaded. . .help!'
'First cast on Dante's amazing bucktail'
Maria Martucci Handley's photo.
'Missing old friends, especially Fleeb'
Maria Martucci Handley's photo.
For those that think I forgot how to fish and can only put my client on the meat, here is a limit of fluke to 22" Saturday morning. Took me under two hours 
smile emoticon
Lighthouse Sportfishing's photo.

First keeper of the season! Put a lot of hours in for this one. 35" 16lb.

Andrew DiMatteo's photo.

Surf N Paddle's photo.
Hosted by Surf N Paddle
Hop Sauce Surf Band Get Down
Saturday, May 30 at 4:00pm
South End Surf 'N Paddle in Beach Haven, New Jersey

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