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Moday Nov. 24, 08 -- Quick southerlies no match for westerlies

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Monday, November 24, 2008: Waves: 1- to 2-feet out of the south. Water clarity: very good.

A quick spurt of south winds before we go back to protracted west winds, many days worth. The southerlies aren’t enough to spike a bite.

Bluefish are still bolting along the beach.

Beach bassing is slow, shorts. Boat fishing is brisk, larger modes included. Weekend report:”Got out today around 10:00. I had six spot to keep me company. What I really needed was someone to keep me warm. At the mouth of the inlet there were probably 30 boats making a drift out from the towers. I chose the north tower and had my first spot down and hooked up in 30 seconds. Mostly shorts. When through my spots and then I used a dead one that I had retrieved from tthe mouth of one of my earlier catches. I kept it bouncing and at least five fish picked it up ran for 2 seconds and then let it go. Each time I would check it to make sure it was still hooked on. It was all mangled up and the head was falling off. Tried one more time and hooked up with my biggest for the day 32". Action stopped and I went over to the south side bars and jigged up four more with one being me second keeper. There must have been quite a bite before my 10:00 arrival time. It really was a beautiful ocean to fish. 39 degree bay water on the outgoing and a blowout tide making it tough to get your boat out unless you waited for the incoming after 2:00. 10 fish, 2 keepers, 1 hour. Walt P.”

Here’s Joe. H. report: Jay,
Been fishing hard for the last five days in this unbearable cold. Friday was the only outing worth reporting. I caught and released 4 stripers, two of them being keepers at 28 1/2" and 30". The bigger one was caught on Holgate in bunker. The second one was caught on a diamond jig not far from the entrance of Holgate.
Moved up to BH, found some birds and on my first cast I landed a double header of bass on the diamond jig and teaser combo. The weekend was very quite for me. There were some fish here, but I think with this severe cold they are moving really quickly. You had to be in the right spot at the right time when they were moving through. I saw a LARGE bass in the 40lb+ range caught in North BH in high sun this afternoon. Don't think he was a tourney angler or we would of heard more about it already. There are some big fish still in the area.
Fishing Monday morning before work so hopefully there will be some post tournament fish in the area. I need a bass for Thanksgiving----I'm fresh out of fillets!!!
Joe H


NMFS announces the availability of Atlantic tunas, Atlantic HMS Angling, and HMS
Charter/Headboat permits for the 2009 fishing year. These permits can be
purchased online at www.hmspermits.gov, by phone at (888)-872-8862, or by mail.
The attached notice is also available on the HMS Management Division's website


I’m including in its entirety the JCAA update on the saltwater fishing registry:

Federal Registry and Saltwater Fishing License
The final rules on the saltwater registry should be released from Office of Management and Budget at the end of November. It will be interesting to see what is actually in the rules. JCAA has been asked to participate in discussions with other groups on the saltwater registry. My feeling is that we should wait until the final rule package is published. I asked Gordon Colvin or Forbes Darby if they would come up and brief JCAA and other groups about the final rule but they cannot do that until it is cleared for publication. When Gordon Colvin or Forbes Darby agrees to come and brief JCAA on the final rule, JCAA will set up a place and time for that briefing and 2 representatives from each club will be invited. We will also open this meeting to other interested organizations. Please send me a list of club representatives for this meeting with their email addresses. At least one of these representatives should commit to serving on the JCAA saltwater registry committee which will develop our policy. I will contact them when a date is scheduled. I anticipate the first meeting will not take place until later in January.
The reason I am recommending we wait until the rule is posted is so we know who is being exempted and how they are going to handle anglers who fish in the Delaware River for shad, river herring and striped bass who already have a fresh water license. This will determine who needs to be registered and the number involved. We know that party and charter boat patrons and children under 16 will be exempted and if you have a saltwater license in another state you will not be required to register in NJ since you are only required to register once. But I do not know at this time what the final rule is.
After JCAA receives a briefing, we will set up a committee of all the interested club representatives to develop a position that will be voted on at a JCAA General Meeting. Some of our member clubs have asked that we explore the funding for the Bureau of Marine Fisheries of the Division of Fish and Wildlife as part of this discussion. JCAA’s only position at this time is that we support a Federal registry. That registry includes no charge. The Magnusson/Stevens Reauthorization allows NMFS to charge for the registry after 2011. NMFS cannot charge before 2011. We need to have something in place in New Jersey by 2011 to make sure that we’re not paying a fee to the Federal government. At this time, JCAA does not have a position on how this will be accomplished. That is why we need to continue the process to develop a position that is agreed to by our member clubs. Until JCAA develops a position, there is no use sending representatives to meetings to speak for JCAA. I encourage individual clubs to send representatives to any meetings to listen to and understand other opinions. I am hoping this will be a collaborative process that brings groups together to make important decisions.
You can get information on this issue from the NOAA webpage, http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/mrip/index.html. We will also be posting documents and briefing materials on the JCAA webpage as they become available. I will send you information by email if you request it.
There is ample time for JCAA to study this issue and develop a position since we do not have to have anything in place until January of 2011. I hope JCAA will have a position voted on by the summer of 2009. Until that time, the only position JCAA has is our historical position in opposition to a saltwater fishing license.

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