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May 9, 2009: First "Simply" bass -- last minute second entry below

The first official entry in Simply Bassin' 2009 reached the scales of Jingles B&T yesterday. A 14-0, 34 1/4 inch bass was weighed in by Kevin Maher of BH Crest. It was taken on clams in the Beach Haven surf. It's in first place and conceptually could be worth $1,000. Of course, this weekend is primed for bass so get out there and cash in on the nice weather -- and the tourney.

Just in: Fame is fleeting:

Joe Carmelengo #248 , 18lb 2oz, 37x20 caught in Spray Beach 7:30am on clam -- weighed in at Surf City B&T . More info this evening.

I will get the leader board up and running Monday.

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