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May 28/29 -- Joe H's Thursday night report

Fished the north end surf tonight in perfect striper conditions. Of course I forgot my newly sharpened surf gaff at home as I was targeting big fish with big baits tonight. It must of been an omen. On my very first cast, right before dark, a huge bass attacked my 16" live eel right at my rod tip. I knew I was going to hook a good one tonight with no gaff around. It didn't matter though. The fish pulled off after a short powerful run. It looked over 30lbs. I don't think I let him have the eel long enough in freespool. I almost threw my rod in the water.
I went to throwing dark plugs after 10pm. I hooked up twice with big bluefish only to have them bite me off. Lost a pair of black and purple bombers to them. They were big fish as I got a look when the fish went airborn. Very frustrating night of fishin'.
Joe H

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