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May 15, 2013 -- Beach replenishments and 17-cicadas are coming ...


BEACH FIX UPDATE: Below is info on beach-fix beginning soon, going from Harvey Cedars to brant beach and finally Surf city -- based on the amount of emergency work needed.

These projects will nullify surfcasting on one jetty-to-jetty segment at a time. It will be a hassle for those folks who fish street ends impacted by the work. Importantly, entire towns won't be off limits during the work, just the actively worked areas. As to enlarged beaches, I have to  think there could be some interesting fishing as sands rich with benthic life dredged from the Lumps areas (called "borrow sites") get distributed right near the surfline -- at the height of spring bassing season. It's a bit like fishing near clam dredges out in the ocean.   

There will still be loads of un-impacted surf zones on LBI this spring.  No new LBI sites will be sanded this spring. Come fall, it could get a lot trickier, should Beach Haven an Holgate get their turns at sand enhancement. I'll make no bones about it, replenishment in fall could be a royal ass-kick for one of the best stretches of fall fishing on LBI, i.e. 13th Street (Beach Haven north) all the way to the Forsythe Refuge boundary (submerged jetty, Holgate). The upside is how the project has adjusted to the above-mentioned segment-at-a-time approach. That means the instant an area is done being replenished, it's quickly open to the public. Also, areas yet to be reached by heavy equipment remains open to the last minute. 

The iffy part is the use of buggies during the work. That usage is usually put out to pasture until an entire town (or project) is done. You might want to look into those big-wheeled equipment carriers for hauling all your angling stuff across the Sahara and to the surfline.



Army Corps to begin restoring LBI -- project begins this month



We're allegedly about to have one of the largest explosions of 17-year cicadas (misnamed "locusts") in ages. Though these large and totally harmless insects are related to deciduous trees (non-conifers), an Ocean County zone along Route 9 could sound off this summer. 


Interestingly, domesticated animals, like dogs and cats, still hold a primordial instinct to eat -- and overeat -- these incredibly high-protein insects. However, we have softened the innards of our pets so they can't digest the chitin in cicadas. At the same time, coyotes and foxes will be lovin' life as they fatten on bugs. 

By the by, for you mainlanders who might have one of these insanely noisy fliers enter your house, fear not. Again, they are utterly harmless. In fact, impress the kids by grabbing it with your hands. At the same time, grab the pets. They will truly damage themselves going after an in-house cicada. Even couch potatoes like greyhounds will go ballistic should a cicada begin flying around in a room. 

They can be eaten by humans. But so can maggots. 

Cicada snacking tempting, but unhealthy, for your pet

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

As multiple broods of 17-year cicada’s prepare to hatch, veterinarian Brian Collins of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals advises dog and cat owners to discourage their pets from ingesting the cicadas – which can be harmful if eaten in quantity.

Collins says:

“Discourage your dog and cat from ingesting cicadas.

“As tempting as bugs may be, the outer skeleton of the cicada contains a tough material called chitin that is problematic when eaten in large quantities. Chitin is also found in lobster shells. If your dog or cat eats cicadas, it is akin to you eating a lobster shell. If enough are consumed, your companion animal may experience vomiting or constipation and require a visit to the veterinarian.”



Good friends Kenneth Maxwell and Dan Daniel Maxwell, hired me to have a nice night of weak fishing. Bye the end of the night they didnt want to catch anymore. They landed over 50 fish most 10-14 inches and a few up to 18 inches
Good friends @[1168346521:2048:Kenneth Maxwell] and Dan @[100000486732628:2048:Daniel Maxwell], hired me to have a nice night of weak fishing. Bye the end of the night they didnt want to catch anymore. They landed over 50 fish most 10-14 inches and a few up to 18 inches

5/15/13 UPDATED 9:36 AM Not as many bluefish caught yesterday, prolly cause of the northwest wind, but we had 6 nice keeper bass weighed in up to 19 pounds. Not a lot of anglers out there todya so far. We'll keep you posted and check out the 3 new videos.


Janet's first striper!
Janet's first striper!
Whoooaaaaa Nelly!!!
Whoooaaaaa Nelly!!!
The salty lady sporting her new radar arch bling! Gave her so many upgrades this season and she is primed and ready. ) A big shout out to ned miller for all he does! love you bro! 

Speaking of ready the first blue fins have hit the docks at the marina, fluke opens Saturday and from some scouting reports are chewing hard! Bass are on their way with some BIG fish in the mix(54 pounder weighed in), sea bass opens Sunday and promises to be stellar. Finally the makos and threshers are 3 weeks away! I have lots of dates available so get a group together and let's fish! — with Ned Miller.

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