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May 15, 2011:


Sorry I've been sketchy with my updates but I'm readying The SandPaper for summer staffing -- plus working a research job in the outback. It gets hectic -- then it gets crazy. Please don't hesitate to shoot me any updates you might have.

I've gotten a few fluking reports, none of them overly special, though a couple nice flatties were taken inside LE Inlet, toward the Fish Factory. Rapid water temp changes have made it tough to find a bite pattern with the fluke.


I have been checking out a slew of bass reports from north of Barnegat Inlet. I've heard words like "epic," "insane," "sizzling" and can't miss." It seems all-time out there. Then, I hear from some other fishing folks who zigged when they should have zagged, getting skunked or nearly so right where others had shined. Overall, the odds of hitting torrid bassing from the Bathing Beach north is high. A buddy trolling spoons went large with a bass he puts at 40 pounds. He released it but failed to boat another fish. Snag and drop remains a sure thing when on the bunker. Extra large white Sassy Shads are also working when marking fish.


Bluefishing remains good to very good when schools are in the vicinity. Chunk baits work well in the surf. Plastics jigged with steel leader is sure-fire for blues near the inlets. Requires a lot of re-plasticing but it's worth it.   

The surf has been kind to some bassing folks, as indicated by some striper fillets dropped off yesterday. I see one fish (15-2) added to the Simply Bassin' tourney but nothing to indicate heavy (size-wise) hooking in the suds. 

LBI NOTES: The torn-up roads in Beach Haven -- sewer and water piping work -- will be around into the holiday weekend. It's going to be downright dangerous for pedestrians. 

Surf City is still going to get an emergency beach replenishment. Due to high demand for dredging equipment, the Weeks company is running so late with the LBI project, it'll be carrying on throughout the entire month of June. Yikes.  While the beaches will be closed only where the work is being done, this is going to greatly impact anglers and beachgoers alike. The work must be done by June 30, or Weeks risks fines. 

Shoddy boating has already begun in Barnegat Inlet. here's a report from Walt P: "Put my boat in the water at 1:00 for the start of a new season. Reached the North Jetty monument at 1:10. Saw my first boat (28') of the 2011 fishing year go over the rocks at 1:15 with a big crunch. Tow boat USA to the rescue. Not a pretty sound for a boat captain to hear and feel on probably his first trip of the year.  ..."

On the creature front, mosquitoes have gone crazy, particularly down LEHT and Tuckerton. This is a tad odd for this early in the year, still there's no denying a hellish hatch of some type of mosquito has taken place. 




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