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UPDATE: Thursday, October 21, 2010

First, the big news. Island fishing fanatic Ray Sullivan fought and landed the largest bass of his life, a 56.44 cow. The bass, caught on a bunker chunk, takes the Classic lead and is among the biggest bass ever entered. Ray fought the fish for between 15 and 20 minutes, according to Mark J., who had the honors of being the next-to guy for this major hookup. The catch rattled Ray a bit, so mark did the unhooking honors after the fish was thoroughly landed by ray. Ray then rushed the fish to Jingles bait and tackle where the official weight was taken along with photos. Ray passed on trying to hold the fish up so it was tabled for the photo session.

And that was far from the only fish entering the Classic. The slammers are thoroughly in town – actually all towns. North to south, big blues are being caught on bait, metal and plugs. Like yesterday, the Classic weigh-ins kept all the tourney scales hoppin’. It’s building toward an insane bluefish weekend – with a goodly number of bass mixed in. If you haven’t singed up for the Classic yet make sure to do it before you land that 20-pound chopper.

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